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  1. 11 Master Sounds Playback Bounce FM K-Dust K-Jah West Csr 103:9 Radio X SF-UR Radio Los Santos K Rose WCTR --------------------- In the Graveyard cutscene, where CJ sees Sweet and Kendl, name 2 members that are buried there, with Diabolical names.
  2. Another request: A sig 550px × 150px, with dark theme, and this guy in the right side of the sig. On the left top, written Scientist OR Black Scientist (I'd prefer Black Scientist), and below it written: Cold Blooded. Thanks ahead dude, im sure itll be awesome.
  3. It's stupid to watch porn and playing games at School. We do have a home for that.
  4. But that's not even porn. Well yea, but if that's make you horny, go for it. And you can find different moves there..
  5. Maybe in Vatican, where you were a monk that needed to become a Pope, ranking threw the ranks of the Church. And the enemies will be criminals and devils! Lol.
  6. Yea, just go to wikipedia, and type the organ you need.
  7. If downloading music is illegal, or at least album or two, man im going to jail for few lifetimes.. Downloaded 3 discographies of like 7+ albums..
  8. Unreal Tournament 2004 for 50. San Andreas for 200. (Its not much in Russia.)
  9. My friend is so Homophobic... Almost everything for him is gay. Gay you, gay they, gay he, gay she, gay teacher, gay gay gay! But lesbians are kk... Cause they are hot female who kiss and stick items into the holes of each other.. He's weird. Im straight btw
  10. Got once from a drug store. Maybe they meant Medicine drugs. But I think it's 'The Drugs'. And the forums can do this authentication Images with like other alphabet except for the Latin. And give the keyboard so you will be able to type it.
  12. Cannibal Corpse - Addicted to Vaginal Skin
  13. Cum rhymes with Bum that rhymes with Mum! Your mum cum from the bum! ^.^
  14. ХАХАХА! Никто меня не поймет! Сто восемьдесят очков! (Random bullshit)
  15. And maybe if you modded the car, un-mod it. Happened to me once, where I couldn't do stuff with a car cause of a mod.
  16. Thanks and well I don't really like Iron Maiden. They have a funny British accent (no offense).

  17. PC Unreal Tournament 3 Unreal Tournament 2004 GTA: Vice City GTA: San Andreas Call of Duty 2 Call of Duty Lord of the Rings: The War of the Ring Max Payne 1 Max Payne 2 Hitman: Codename 47 Hitman: Silent Assassin Hitman: Contracts Hitman: Blood Money Quake 4 The Sims 2: Deluxe, Nightlife, Seasons Silent Hill 2 Night Watch Resident Evil 4 Dungeon Lords Dungeon Siege 2 Dungeon Siege Bad Boys 2 Enclave Eye of the Dragon
  18. Щтдн еру вуфв рфму ыуут еру утв ща ф цфк - Ащкпще црщ ыфшв шею Oops, forgot to turn the EN on. Only the dead have seen the end of the war (or something) - Forgot Who. (Took it from CoD 1 & 2)
  19. Big Smoke and Ryder. What is written on the license plate of Ryder's car?
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