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  1. -Russian -English Can sometimes understand Spanish and Latin.
  2. False and the answer is wrong. It means the Aztecas Ghetto (Neighborhood)
  3. Whats wrong with fucking guitars? You mean you fuck guitars? 37. Eat you dad's condoms full of his semen, if he has them.
  4. Looks good! Thanks. I will think what price will fit.
  5. 35. Go peek in your mom's bathroom threw the hole you made
  6. I will say "Yea, yea, whatever..."
  7. I have 2 userbar requests: 1. A userbar with the man from Diabolus In Musica or Christ Illusion (Covers of the albums) in the left, and from right saying : Slayer Fan 2. A userbar with the body of the victim of the cover of Gore Obsessed, from the left, and from the right saying: Cannibal Corpse Name the price, and I shall pay.
  8. Wow that's cool dude. Reminds me of Hitman: Codename 47 graphics. Keep it up!
  9. The point here is to think of acronym's (funny and not) for bands. Like KISS - Knight's In Satan's Service (Most of us know it), SLAYER - Satan Laughs As You Eternally Rot. CANNIBAL CORPSE - Cans And Nuns Need Important Balls And Lemon Cows Of Renting Paramedic Special Ears (Not logical)
  10. I think 3. What does the Aztecas Graffiti means?
  11. I will become Master of Reality.
  12. What the boy done to save his dog, risking his own life, I think was a very brave act. Lol, not tasty enough.
  13. Butterfly Children, Shining Razors. Name the 3 Ballas Sets and their color (easy one).
  14. Anathema Eternity Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell Cannibal Corpse *I still download their discography The Bleeding Eaten back to Life Disturbed Ten Thousand Fists Forgotten Tomb Love's Burial Ground King Diamond *I still download their discography The Eye Abigail Give Me Your Soul...Please Slayer Full Discography Venom Black Metal Small upgrade in Slayer.
  15. 29. Gay, gay, gay..and if you're truly gay, than go suck your dad's dick, if he has one!
  16. Nice work on your AK 47. If everyone could be as customer focused as you, life would be so much easier. Best investment I've made this year. --Elizabeth Smith I am so pleased with this product. I like Nuclear Winter more and more each day because it makes my life a lot easier. Nuclear Winter is the real deal! --Anthony Bailey Hitler has completely surpassed our expectations. Everything happened so fast! I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding product. --Sara Williams (Just for the laugh, I don't really mean it, I will delete it if it's "bad") It fits our needs perfectly. I'd be lost without Atomic Warhead. I don’t know how I ever worked without it. --Edward Morgan
  17. 7, I think. I did given a question: What street/something else does Ganton represents in real life?
  18. Av - 7 Sig - 5 Person - You seem to be a funny guy. And you know stuff bout stuff I don't know.
  19. 20. If I was gay, than id rather to fuck my grandfather than you.
  20. Ammu-Nation. What street/something else does Ganton represents in real life?
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