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  1. Sounds like you are addicted. I still say NO, Cannabis should not be legalized. It is bad for the health no matter what you think it is.
  2. Little bit off topic but, it doesn't really goes that far, only if you stand on 4 Dragons and do max zoom with the camera, you will see LS buildings.
  3. W.A.S.P. - Ball Crusher Helloween - Phantoms Of Death
  4. Phew. At least now, when I will be buying GTA 4, I wont be scared of thinking it'll work lame on my PC.
  5. Maybe something is messed-up in the script or something.
  6. If it's against the rules..than ill delete it.
  7. Like I promised, here is my CJ . I don't know though, the textures look little bit weird, maybe cause my PC resolution is 1680 x 1050.
  8. Ako ay dapat mangibabaw ang mundo! I hope I spelled it right.
  9. There is a way getting out of there. Found a way in SA:MP . TNF said it.
  10. Well yea I know, cause i'm cool with it, but idk bout R*. Cause it's all Copyrighted and shit.
  11. Wow that's awesome! But is that legal? Lol don't get me wrong, you can change the game script, but from what I know it will be illegal to distribute without the agreement of R* or something else.
  12. At least I guessed it, that it's song's lyrics. Ангел Смерти, он смертелен, он любит ад
  13. Maybe try to do the mission a couple of times. Or maybe the cars are just invisible?
  14. Dude it looks awesome! Thanks alot!
  15. I believe in ghosts and aliens. Ghosts are the souls of people who died, but that can't find an appropriate body to be in it. Aliens have to be real, cause there are bout...infinity of galaxies, and maybe even Universes (MAYBE!). So how the hell can we be alone, all alone, in this Universe?
  16. tnx, its from Gore Obsessed

  17. Want some shrooms? Lol.. What is the name of the strip club in LS?
  18. King Diamond - Give me your soul...please (It's an album, but KD's albums tell a story, so it's better to listen fully to it, than only one song)
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