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  1. the mission that u said about getting the riffle is correct but i havn't heard of a jelly collecting mission?
  2. Ah This was the problem I had when I had first installed a car. Now back to the point You have to delete the files first then you have to add the files!
  3. To continue you have to buy every place and complete the missions for them. P.S An easy way to get money is by doing the firetruck missions!
  4. i'm sorry but i don't use this wheel manager. The way I do it is that I install the wheels with the modified car using GTA3/Vice City/San Andreas Mod Manager 5.0
  5. NEWS: I am making a newer version (v1.5) of my Intercity Highway + Miss Liberty pack coming out aproxamatly on the 17/10/05. This will fix many bugs and there will be signs on the highway telling you where the Miss Liberty Junction is. More new stuff will be mensioned in the readme!
  6. I made a mod for Vice City that changes the skin of the character and I uploaded it on 'thegtaplace' site. I think I uploaded it about two days ago and its still not there! Please check with the administrator about why isn't it there. P.S. Sorry about the bumping topics I never realised the rules until now plus I just joined in on 25/09/05 Also will my warn level get less?
  7. the way i did it was that when big smoke says ''go on the right hand side hill'' don't listen to him and just continue riding the bike untill a train comes. Now you have to climb quikly on the hill that big smoke was talking about and when the oncoming train arives, quickly jump the bike onto it. This gives Big Smoke a chance to shoot the mexicans. Jump off and keep riding on the bike nicely untill all the mexicans are dead!
  8. I guess that you are right but you may have noticed that it was V1.0 Beta My next version will be coming out soon!
  9. Post if you have made any new mods! I've already created one mod today on thegtaplace which is called 'Intercity Highway + Miss Liberty pack.
  10. this topic was was for vice city and i didn't even notice! DAM!
  11. Its true that gta liberty stories on the psp is better than gta advance, but I play the advance version as well as gta3, vice, san andreas and i find the game pretty o.k. The game would have been much better though if it had a car garage at each save point. My raiting of the advance version is probabily 6/10.
  12. vcmm stands for Vice City Mod Manager.
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