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  1. Yes you do a corkscrew in the driving school in san andreas you werent dreaming.
  2. If you save the game and come back to where the package was you might find it might have apeared again
  3. The mission that is from is Big Smoke I think
  4. Vercetti! He cracks a lot more jokes than CJ.
  5. You should be more careful with your spelling! whos your faverit girl freind It should be Who's your favourite girlfriend?
  6. I dont especially like any of them but it would probably be Katie Zhan (i like her car).
  7. Microsoft Rules. im never off my comp. its sad
  8. My Fave Los Santos mission has to be Gray imports. I love the bit when you explode the forklift veichle. The hardest mission in Los Santos has to be Robbing Uncle Sam.Its just so hard not to move fast
  9. Tommy V because hes more laidback and a more unique character
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