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  1. Call me Spaz. I dont have a problem except this forums staff is censored.
  2. The site won't work for me so I guess I'm screwed.
  3. I've looked through the forums, the only "violator" of these rules I could find was MickyMG, who has a giant sig.
  4. You do realize you're losing profit on this don't you? You make 500 and give out 5k.
  5. 1. You could've went to the forums, spent a couple minutes, and answered those questions yourself. 2. Why would he bother putting those on, the hack is useless, it wouldn't serve a point on the forums.
  6. Walt wasn't smart, he just knew how to get people to buy his censored. I'm going to have to agree with those banned people[why have they ben here so long yet you just now ban them{by looking at join date, post count, it's obvious they havent been banned for less then 3 weeks}?]. Sorry for that bit, just curious. Anyways, it takes a true genious to think up those books. Dr. S. all the way!
  7. That was kind of stupid. So was the Yo Moma jokes sort of.
  8. Diablo I? I have that maybe I'll re-install it and play with you.
  9. You can go ahead and sign me up, nothing to lose.
  10. I'm new here. Not very active because it doesn't seem very active itself. I'm not much into forums right now anyways.
  11. Alot of characters you have listed. I don't know how this helps, but I'm sure it does. Thanks for the list.
  12. That is cool. I wouldn't trust someone I don't know though. You could wreck my site or something. Nothing personal man.
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