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  1. 0_ReapeR_0


    Call me Spaz. I dont have a problem except this forums staff is censored.
  2. 0_ReapeR_0


    The site won't work for me so I guess I'm screwed.
  3. 0_ReapeR_0

    Signature Policy Explained

    I've looked through the forums, the only "violator" of these rules I could find was MickyMG, who has a giant sig.
  4. 0_ReapeR_0

    :.WIN.: Increase Interest

    You do realize you're losing profit on this don't you? You make 500 and give out 5k.
  5. 0_ReapeR_0

    Webmasters Connection

    1. You could've went to the forums, spent a couple minutes, and answered those questions yourself. 2. Why would he bother putting those on, the hack is useless, it wouldn't serve a point on the forums.
  6. 0_ReapeR_0

    Bigger Genius.

    Walt wasn't smart, he just knew how to get people to buy his censored. I'm going to have to agree with those banned people[why have they ben here so long yet you just now ban them{by looking at join date, post count, it's obvious they havent been banned for less then 3 weeks}?]. Sorry for that bit, just curious. Anyways, it takes a true genious to think up those books. Dr. S. all the way!
  7. 0_ReapeR_0


    That was kind of stupid. So was the Yo Moma jokes sort of.
  8. 0_ReapeR_0

    Suggesting a new skin

    Why would the color make it difficult?
  9. 0_ReapeR_0

    :.WIN.: Increase Interest

    Put me on 4.
  10. 0_ReapeR_0

    Getting tired

    Diablo I? I have that maybe I'll re-install it and play with you.
  11. 0_ReapeR_0

    :.WIN.: Increase Interest

    You can go ahead and sign me up, nothing to lose.
  12. 0_ReapeR_0

    Introduce Yourself..

    I'm new here. Not very active because it doesn't seem very active itself. I'm not much into forums right now anyways.
  13. 0_ReapeR_0


    Alot of characters you have listed. I don't know how this helps, but I'm sure it does. Thanks for the list.
  14. 0_ReapeR_0

    Jaruff's IPB Service Center

    That is cool. I wouldn't trust someone I don't know though. You could wreck my site or something. Nothing personal man.