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  1. The 9800GT is not mid-range. It's better than the 8600GT, which is the reccomended requirement and will run the game fine at medium settings. The 9800GT is about equivalent to my graphics card, an ATi 3850, which runs the game absolutely fine. The fact that he has 1gb of video memory is an added bonus.
  2. That's really nothing to be proud of right there. Okay, that might be slightly hypocritical coming from someone on a pirated version of Windows (did they really expect me to buy Vista?) but I have never pirated a game in my life. The gaming industry is on its knees at the moment, mainly because of people like you. Look at all of EA's games. It's thanks to pirates like you that we, paying customers, have to put up with crap like securom limiting the amount of times we can install the games on our PCs. What you are doing is you are essentially stealing from companies who are already suffering because of the current economic crisis (I'd hardly say that microsoft is suffering, so you can pirate windows as many times as you like for all I care). Seriously, delete every game on your PC and go out and buy them for the sake of the gaming industry and all of us PC gamers who are being treated like criminals by companies like Securom.
  3. ok, thanks, my GTA IV dont run too good, and i dont understand why: Intel Xeon quad 2.8 GHz 6 GB RAM 1GB Geforce 9800GT Your video card is not adequate. its a shame isn't it? I dont know much about Nvidia but the 9800 only has 100 stream processors. That is not good from my understanding. But beats my hd 3450 with only 32 stream processors. You probablyu could do well playing on 800 x 600 monitor resolution with everything on medium high settings. But if you want higher resolution your probably going to have to buy something with more near 300 stream processors. For me I'm looking at getting a HD 3870 or if it goes well a HD 4870. As I dont know much of Nvidia, if you a fan of using of those cards so I can't recommend anything from that. Actually, I think you'll find that his graphics card is absolutely fine! It probably has more to do with the fact that he's running a processor not designed for gaming, however I don't know much more than that about the Xeon line of processors, so I can't say for sure.
  4. This bug happens when you use a No-CD crack. I know, because I tried one and it happened to me (yes, I own the game, I just don't like using the CD). Either use the original CD or buy the game like everyone else does.
  5. He's right. A Pentium Duo is quite different to a Core 2 Duo. And there's no such thing as a 'downgrader patch' which will allow you to play GTA IV with a 128MB graphics card. If the game ran with 128MB of video memory, then Rockstar would have allowed you to use a 128MB graphics card. It's as simple as that.
  6. Yep, that will easily run GTA IV Regarding comments on SLI, I've also heard that even with games that do support SLI, the improvement over a single card is not huge. Added to the limited support, if you've got the cash to buy 2 GTX260s, you might as well just get a single GTX295.
  7. TM is quite right. Your operating system and your hardware are completely independent. In case you need confirmation (before you post another topic asking the same question again) you will not be able to run GTA IV on that PC. EVER. No matter what you do to the game files.
  8. It's supposed to remind you of this.
  9. Just because you recently purchased it doesn't mean it's a good computer. You certainly won't run GTA IV on a 1.86GHZ Intel Pentium Dual Core. Not very well, anyway. We assume that you don't know much about computers when you post the same thing in 3 different topics despite being told that your PC is nowhere near powerful enough to run GTA IV, due to the graphics card AND processor.
  10. Before you buy more RAM, make sure your motherboard supports it and that you have enough slots. You will also need a new processor. Hell, why not just buy a new PC?
  11. I find it incredible that you didn't read the comments made in the last 2 threads. You WILL NOT be able to play GTA IV on that PC. EVER. Intel graphics are shit. Intel Pentium processors are shit.
  12. If a 4870X2 is stretching your budget, why not go for a single 4870? Do not get the 9600 or 4670. They are nowhere near as good as a GTX280 or 4870.
  13. I'm going to say most settings on high.
  14. Was it really necessary for you to post in both topics? Why do people buy games like GTA IV without reading the system requirements?
  15. No, you would need at least a 3850 or 3870 for it to play at medium settings. Even then, you should think about buying another GB of RAM. You do not need the game on the highest settings. Medium settings on GTA IV are the equivalent of max settings on most other new games. The highest settings are for future technology.
  16. Did you not read what Chris said? There's no way that you will EVER run GTA IV on Intel graphics. You need a new graphics card.
  17. Good choice, the 4670 isn't as good as the 3870 (the second number is more important than the first number). I wish graphics cards were that cheap over here in England. One of those would cost £120 over here. I know the exchange rate isn't that good any more, but still...
  18. Go for this: http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/sea...42&csid=_21 It's only $7 more expensive.
  19. My monitor is 20" and runs at 1600x1200 My specs are as follows: Vista 32 SP1 AMD Athlon X2 6000+ 3.1GHz 3GB RAM ATi 3850 512mb This is how I have the settings in GTA IV: Resolution: 1600x1200 Texture quality: Medium Render quality: Highest Shadow quality: High Water quality: High Reflection quality: High View distance: 24 Detail distance: 100 Vehicle Density: 40 Shadow Density: 0 Note: this is just from memory, but I'm pretty sure this is how my settings look. According to FRAPS, I consistently get 20fps, with the occasional slight drop during intense gameplay. The game is extremely playable and looks great. My rig also plays my other games (Test Drive Unlimited, GTR2, Live for Speed, rFactor, Richard Burns Rally, GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas) all at max settings usually getting 30-60fps. The reason you're getting such crappy frames is purely because of your graphics card. A 3450 isn't anywhere near as good as a 3850.
  20. Nice action and camera angles - not sure about the choice of music though! Can't wait to see it.
  21. Getting back on topic (thanks raybob for filling up this thread with useless crap again). I wasn't saying that a 3870 with 512mb VRAM would be able to max GTA IV, I was simply suggesting a cheap alternative that would run the game well. I have a 3850 and that runs the game absolutely fine on medium to high settings, and as medium settings in GTA IV are about the equivalent of max settings on most games, that's more than enough.
  22. Well, post the specs of the computer that you're looking at buying and we'll tell you whether or not it'll run the game or not, and advise you on better hardware to buy.
  23. Yeah, that's the graphics card that's letting you down, sorry. You don't need a 4870, that's overkill. You'll want either a 3850 or a 3870. Just make sure you buy the 512mb version. With that processor and RAM, the game should run beautifully at high resolution. If you can afford it, a 4850 is good too, but 3850s are pretty cheap and run the game well.
  24. While it's debatable whether or not the story line and driving system in IV is better than SA, this statement is just wrong. Unless you use the mouse to move the camera (which I do now, because I hated the default camera so much) it's absolutely terrible. If you take a tight corner without hitting the look back button, or moving the mouse, the camera stays looking at the front of the car for about 5 minutes before it finally moves back behind the car, by which time you've already crashed. It's even worse when you're trying to fly a helicopter. You can't manually move the camera with the mouse, and you can't see where you're going when you're flying the anihilator. The only good thing about the new camera, is that I've learned to control it with the mouse, while I drive with my left hand.
  25. While you have more than enough RAM and your processor is (just) good enough, there is no way that you will ever get the game running on integrated Intel graphics, sorry. Since it's a laptop, I'm not sure if you can replace the graphics card or not, someone else will have to confirm this.
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