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  1. I dont get it... why you people have problems with warez?! Some people just dont have 50$ to spare on original version of the game. Its waaaaay more cheaper to just download it from rapidshare... And a fix for your camera issue is in Razor1911's version of the crack, he fixed camera issue. Hope this info wont get me banned, Im new here ^^ People have a problem because that's STEALING. Why should you be allowed to steal the game when others are handing over their hard-earned for it? Of course it's cheaper to download it, in the same way that it would be cheaper to steal it from a store, or to break into someone's house and steal their TV. The only difference here is that it's easier for you to not get caught. Of course, it's a different story if you're using a crack if you OWN the game (which is why I oppose Securom). Every game I have installed on my PC at the moment (except GTA IV) was bought and THEN cracked so that I don't have to use the CD. However, we still cannot help you if this is the case, as it's against the forum rules for obvious reasons. I'm sure this won't get you banned as you're new, but just take note.
  2. That's the main thing about GTA IV that i don't like. The tasks aren't complex enough. It's always 'drive to deal, deal goes wrong, kill some people, escape police'. In San Andreas, the tasks were different, if not more complex or realistic. I agree, the heist itself was a little unrealistic (especially when you're supposed to parachute to the helicopter, but it's physically impossible, and you end up with no police chasing you). However, I was thinking more of the planning that was involved, that lead up to the heist. If there had been some more planning for the bank robbery, it would've been more fun. I have to admit, I did love that mission though.
  3. You will have easily earned around 1mil by the time that you reach 100% (I'm at 97.5% and have around $1,160,000). Besides, $600,000 is more money than you will ever be able to spend anyway. Although I loved the casino heist in San Andreas, and the fun of some of the less realistic missions, so I would love to see San Andreas modelled in such great detail like Liberty City, with a new story line that was a little less repetitive and a little less realistic.
  4. Make your mind up. First you compare a Core 2 and a Pentium and say that they are similar, now you're agreeing with me? I didn't prove that Core 2 Duos are superior, simply that they are slightly more efficient. However, they are also far more expensive than their equivalent AMD processor, so therefore I would say that for their price, an Athlon would be a better processor to buy, unless you want to spend a lot of money. Anyway, this is pointless. AMD are cheaper. Pentiums suck. You can't argue with that. Shall we get back on topic?
  5. A Core 2 processor simply runs more efficiently, which means that it will be quicker even with a lower clock speed, in the same way that an AMD Athlon is more efficient than a Semperon. Notice how, in the game's requirements, is specifies a higher clock speed for the Athlon than it does for the Core 2. This is also because the core 2 is more efficient at the same speed. Also, I should mention that the minimum requirements for GTA IV specify a 1.8GHz Core 2 Duo. Not a pentium.
  6. Well, to be honest, it would be stupid to compare this with Hot Coffee. It's not a sex scene. It's just some old guy discussing business nude. They're 2 completely different things. You seem very enthusiastic about seeing some old dude's cock...
  7. Actually, Intel has very little advantage over AMD when it comes to dual core processors. Yes, the Athlon equivalent of a Core 2 will have a higher speed, but it will also be slightly cheaper. It is stupid to just say 'I don't like Athlons'. However, all of this is irrelevant if the person in question is using an Intel mobo. That's because you need a high-end Pentium, not a low-end Pentium, for it to be as good as a low-end Core 2. The reason the Core 2 example you gave is so much more expensive than the Pentium, is because it's that much better. a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo is far better than a 2.5GHz Pentium Duo. On top of that, a 2.4GHz Core 2 is hardly low-end. I think that you need to do some research on processors before you advise people on what to buy.
  8. What's wrong with AMD Athlon? I've got an AMD Athlon X2 6000+ 3.1GHz. It's really quick and runs every game I throw at it smoothly and at high settings. And I would never reccomend a pentium, even for someone looking for a cheap system. Core 2s are quite cheap now, if you go for a lower speed one.
  9. Not with that graphics card he won't. It's not supported and it's very poor anyway. Assuming that the game ran (which it wouldn't) you would still be waiting for the first frame to load by the time GTA 5 comes out.
  10. You could do that, but you will also need a new graphics card and a new processor. Pentiums are bad. You want a Core 2 duo and at least an ATi 3850.
  11. No, not with that graphics card and processor.
  12. I had an 8500GT and it struggled even to run San Andreas. Which version of the 8500GT do you have? (512mb, 256mb, 1GB?) The rest of your specs look fine. You have the same amount of RAM as me and a slightly better processor so it has to be the card. Funny, as that's the reccommended requirement. I have an ATi 3850, which is below the reccommended (slightly) and the game runs really smoothly. Perhaps it's programs running in the background or something?
  13. I think that the story was a little loose and it could've been longer and perhaps a little more focused (especially the whole mafia strand with Ray's and Pegorino's missions) but overall I think the story was pretty good. Believeability was something that helped a lot, and made the game stand out from previous GTA games. I also think that Niko is easily the best protaganist from any GTA game. Some of the story was pretty clever too. , and the way that the story was written really made me think morally about some of the choices you have to make.
  14. What was the cheat you used so that everyone else can confirm this?
  15. Yeah, that 8500GT is really dragging the rest of your PC down. Get an 8600 or an ATi 3850, then you'll be able to run the game no problem.
  16. I'm going insane. I just did all 50 stunt jumps, but the game says I've still got one more to do. I found a site with videos for all of the jumps, I watched them all and I remember doing every single one of them! I must have loaded up the wrong savegame or something... Is there any way of finding out which one it is or am I going to have to do them all again? God that's pissed me off.
  17. Wow guys, calm down. Let's not turn this into another 'I know you are but what am I' flame war. Anyone up for getting back on topic?
  18. Well SORRY i don't spend 10 hours a day studying how to spell the name of the City It doesn't take 10 hours of studying to spell Liberty City correctly. Just a quick glance at the back of the box should do the trick.
  19. The Lost and Damned is the first of two episodes of downloadable content wxclusive to the Xbox360. It adds a new storyline, about 1 third of the length of the original GTA IV storyline, involving the biker gang 'The Lost'. It also adds new weapons, new bikes, and new physics for bikes (making them easier to control and harder to fall off of). It's a seperate game, meaning that you can still play the original GTA IV, but not at the same time. Search the internet for more info, there's plenty available.
  20. You don't remember the mission for the guy with the one arm, where you had to defend it? After that, you could go there whenever you wanted and buy rocket launchers and machine guns.
  21. What do you want us to say? Obviously Rockstar changed it from GTA III because GTA IV is a different generation of game entirely. They didn't keep it the same from the original top-down GTA to GTA III did they? I suppose I could say that in the 6 years between when GTA III and GTA IV were set, Liberty City was bombed and they completely rebuilt it and repopulated it with realistic looking people?
  22. Vista doesn't by default have the 'run' option on the start menu, I thought that my way would be easier than telling him how to enable it.
  23. This being a English internet forum with certain rules we have every write to comment on your proper spelling, I never said you had bad grammar, just that you shouldn't abbreviate. If you want people to believe you you need to give them some video evidence, instead of saying this guy in the subway tunnel said "i'm ratface and I don't like you" and that he was too fast to catch. ok fine..but just answer my question...didn't you understand what i wrote before?? simple as that...and let me ask you, what if someone isnt that good in english spelling??? then hes not allowed to be a part of an ''English Internet Forum''?? dude, i just comment to give my opinion, not to pass an english exam man...seriously...and you are write, i dont hav a proof, cuz i ddnt knw sum guy was coming to tell me hes rat''man''...so i was supposed to be ready to record or to take a picture while im just enjoying roaming around the city??? seriously...:/ get some commonsense man... :/ Look, what he's saying is not that you're not allowed to post because you can't spell. Not being able to spell isn't deliberate. It's just that there are people on this forum who find it difficult to read English (other people who have a different first language) so deliberately missing out letters from words makes it even more difficult for them. If you can't spell then that's not your fault, but there's a difference between that and deliberately writing using slang. I understood what you said, but still, even I had to read through it twice until some of it made sense (eg. using '4m' instead of saying 'from' - that's not any internet slang I've ever seen...). On most forums, it isn't actually acceptable to use slang anyway and It's not actually that much quicker to write, so really it shouldn't be a problem. Anyway, this argument is pointless, let's get back on topic. Until someone goes through the game files and tells us whether or not Ratman exists, we're going to need a little bit more proof than just 'yeah I saw him'. Sorry, but with all the bigfoot rumours from SA, which have been disproved, it's difficult for us to believe such a claim. If you really did see him, then you should be able to find him again.
  24. Fisrt of all, please tell us your system specifications (go to start menu, programs>accessories>command prompt and type in 'start dxdiag'. Then, click 'save all information' and attach the file to your post). Also, if you recieved an error code, or if there is anything which says 'more information', please post it.
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