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  1. No, that's not what happened. I've been playing the GTA series long enough to know that.
  2. What's the point? Honestly, we all know that there's no Ratman in IV, no bigfoot in SA etc etc. Don't waste your time. And are you telling me that you actually believed and searched for a whale in middle park? I'm just going by the portugese flag.
  3. I think that 'ratman' is the next bigfoot... I don't think English is his first language, so it's a bit unfair to comment on that.
  4. You can get into the prison without this. Use a helicopter.
  5. You missed out "taking a car to middle park and seeing how many people you can run over" so I voted for getting the cops on me, cause I like to do that whenever I get pissed off with a stupid cop. Makes me feel better.
  6. Well you've certainly got a good imagination. Proof please.
  7. U dont have to do all that shit just go to computer and at the top left it says organize click that then go to folder and search options, then click view and select show hidden folders then click aplly that's all u have to do. Yea, i did that.. but.. that dosent help either... is it right: c:/users/ur name/documents/rockstar games/GTA IV ? <-- there is only "user music" folder and, yea.. it shows every other hidden files No, that's the wrong folder. It's C:\Users\name\App Data\Local\Rockstar Games\GTAIV\savegames\user_longnumber\
  8. You mean other than the beating heart inside the statue of happiness, with the sign on the door that says 'no hidden content this way'?
  9. You seem to have the Reflections on Very High on that GTAIV Screen. Maybe that's because it's slow. It's because it was taken before the patch which allows you to reduce the reflection quality. Not with that graphics card. The minimum is an x1900, but to play at decent settings you will want either an ATI 3850 or NVIDIA 8600
  10. Set your game to the settings in my screenshot - you've got a pretty similar rig to me, so it should work well. I think your card is slightly better than mine though, so you might be able to get away with having a few settings slightly higher.
  11. This is quite common so it's not just a problem with your computer. It happens to everyone. I thought that the patch had fixed it, but it still happens to me. There's nothing you can do to fix it really, just hope that a future patch might do something about it.
  12. Reduce the View Distance to about 20-25, and the shadow density to 0. These settings really slow the game down. Reducing the settings to that will be about equivalent to the console versions of the game. The shadows look horrible anyway as they're very pixellated. You can increase the render quality and detail distance to max, as these don't slow the game down a lot. The vehicle density is up to you, but 50 is quite high. If your motherboard supports it, then I would advise you to get another GB of RAM as this will increase your performance a lot for a small price. You could also try closing some background apps and using AMD dual core optimizer.
  13. I'm afraid it will run quite badly on your system. Both your CPU and GPU should be upgraded to play the game. I would test it first. The 7800GTX 512 is better than the 7900GT, and it may not be as bad as you think. The game isn't as CPU intensive as people will have you believe either. I had the game running on an AMD X2 3800+ 2.1GHz processor for a while and it wasn't too bad. If the game doesn't run very well I would advise you to buy a new graphics card rather than a new processor. An ATi 3850 or NVIDIA 8600 will do nicely.
  14. I've just noticed that NVIDIA have recently released a new range of top end cards. I am thinking specifically of the 295GTX here. I was wondering (since I don't have £400 to splash out on a graphics card myself) whether anyone here has got one, and whether or not Rockstar's so called 'future proofing' has worked. Can you max the game's settings and still get decent framerates? I know that ATI have already got the 4870 X2 crossfire cards, so how does the 295 compare to them? I'm wondering if anyone who is willing to pay £400 for a graphics card would waste valuable gaming time on a forum, actually...
  15. You're lucky you didn't buy an 8500 then - like I did once, not knowing any better...
  16. Thought I'd share some pictures with you. Obviously I added the blur in photoshop to get rid of the horrible aliased effects of the PC game. What do you think?
  17. Actually the min requirement is GeForce 7900, so the 8400 shouldn't be a problem. The rest of your system should also be fine. Actually, if you do some research on Nvidia graphics cards, you'll find that the 7900 is a far better card than the 8400. Nvidia name their cards so that the first number indicates the generation (meaning that the 8400 is newer) and the second number indicates its range (eg 8600 is mid-range, 8800 is top-end, wheras the 8500, 8400, or lower are not designed for gaming). This confuses many people who are new to building PCs and means that companies can get away with selling crappy graphics cards to people without them knowing - hence all the people complaining about crap performance on their PCs.
  18. I'm going to say no - you need a new graphics card. An 8600 at least.
  19. This doesn't work for me. What a ridiculous achievement. I tap space and most of the time Niko just stands there getting beaten up, not even attempting to duck. When it occasionally does work the police come after me and ruin it.
  20. Sounds easy enough. I'm not a huge fan of GFWL to be honest, but I'll add you tomorrow. Don't feel like playing today... If anyone else wants to add me, go ahead.
  21. The Manana is an absolute pile. Its stopping distance can be measured in light years and the suspension carries on wobbling even after you've parked up, got out and got in a better car. On the plus side, it looks quite cool though . Another car I like to drive would be the turismo. I think it's the best handling car in the game.
  22. I'll add you tomorrow (if I can work out how to do it). I'm TheDavesta.
  23. It's all about the Sentinel XS for looks. To drive, it has to be the Infernus.
  24. This is pretty common knowledge. You can do the same in every GTA since GTA 3. It's not mp3s only, however M4a files only work if iTunes is installed on your PC.
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