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  1. mind if i add you on xbl?

  2. Now i thought about it las venturas would be nice on its own, it could possibly be after 5 because there is the venturas poker challenge on tv, maybe dropping a slight hint, imagine the casinos and renting a hotel suite to sleep in, the strip with all the bright light with GTA style graphics amazing
  3. Anyone else expecting it to be revealed at the E3, i'm not talking demos and trailers and gameplay videos, just a video with a sunny city people going around doing there daily routine when a car hurtles down the road being pursued by police, then just the screen goes black and it says V coming 2011 Erm.. yeah thats my impression of a trailer i'm quite excited about GTA 5 now, i reckon it's going to be in Vice city, same engine as IV and maybe slightly bigger map, possibly little bi-planes and parachutes,but nothing OTT
  4. Vice city, improved, with houses you can buy again, possibly light aircraft and also when someone says florida i think space shuttle, so maybe a launchpad with launches every few in game months or something They did in san andres
  5. Post the funniest thing(s) you have seen on IV multiplayer Ok, heres mine I was doing a team deathmatch and i was running to try and get a car in star junction, then someone was running down the road and one of our team members came and they were going to hit eachother, so the guy running down the road ran to the left to not get hit but the car swerved to the left at the same time to try and miss him and he hit him, ahaha it was really funnny
  6. sounds like a good idea but a better idea would be a plane and it could be faster
  7. I voted Vice, but it could be in washington DC
  8. SAME only twice, it was really hard to get out of that place!
  9. I'm on XBOX 360, do you happen to know what button that is? I think its LB, anyways i cheated fr the sniper and i had no trouble with this mission... odd huh
  10. How about not hacking? you dont need real car names! But i do like the sound of the ped mod there is not enough people for NY, same with the cars, not enough! In NY its full of gridlock as far as i know
  11. whats the point of this post??
  12. you could start a multiplayer free roam and disable the piggys
  13. What do you mean fluent english his writing is fine 'N.O.O.S.E Is a high risk SWAT Team created by the LC Goverment in 2002 With Crimes raising Boxville's are a must and so on... Contact Icey27262 for Application or employment Standered uniform is 3/4 3/4 1/4' Slight typo in standard apart from that its fine!
  14. Oh my god are you still going on about this?
  15. OMG did u not just listen to a word that was just said, jesus Christ maybbe if you spent less time posting and more time shutting the fuck up you would understand more!
  16. Do you know how Miami really is, though? The neon colors and palm trees are just a mask. I want to see the REAL Miami. Not that I don't want the neon colors and shit, but I want to see the gritty side. I want to see the drugs and the sex, murder, etc. Thats a good point but i would prefer neon lights and strip clubs to drunk people and whores
  17. Please use spoilers when you post things like that so that . edit: Sherman fix'd
  18. GTAspotter

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    I have always thought that it would be a good thing if rockstar made a sort of Sims GTA where theres the gameplay of gta but the elemets of the sims like go sunbathing, open bars etc. as for my wish list, 1 word... FUCKINGSITDOWN
  19. OMG THEY JUST RUINED GTA SERIES! I highly doubt any of this is or could be real in any possible shape or form.
  20. I agree however i think that rockstar didn't put these in because it wouldn't fit in with the whole 'city' vibe and they tried to make the game more realistic and someone carrying a minigun down the street isn't very realistic.
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