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  1. i have an idea.... at the six star mode you could modify the game code to automatically activate the riot mode and then as riots break out it breaks into a new mission, then it would be a great posistion to let your bro do the whole zombie thing....... you know, theres a riot zombotech experiments escape you know something like that
  2. this isnt a poll because there are too many and i can only think of a few but who is the most skilled moder in your eyes...... im voting for JVT because he is excellent with his TXD and has great ideas.... so hand off to JVC you deserve it
  3. im a fuckin' atheist always been an atheist and people hate me for it...... OH WELL your just mad cause im right if there was god why isnt there a gta heaven?
  4. we're still here, thres still no fucking god and im still a fucking laggynoob(this is proof that there is no god).... what the fuck man im disappointed
  5. im thinking carcer city would be cool... then it could follow up with like maybe claude was maybe a relative to the main character of manhunt out for revenge on everyone he can get his hands on then realizing they were dead he decides to become the news kingpin of carcer city of some shit i dont know..... but gta 5 better be the fuc*ing shit
  6. i think i found another thing... on the seasparrow (and possibly) the regular sparrow there is what apears to be a light MG but it is un usable....
  7. exactly... not enough lanes too much traffic and too many over each other spawns causing pileups.... maybe its a dramtization of pileups that often occur when dumb people drive
  8. ok so we all know that the people driving ont hose streets/paths cant drive for sh*t but ever wonder why? is it a glitch? a secret? an aggrivating thing rockstar put in to make bigger a*sholes of themselves(though they are awesome peeps) but what causes it?
  9. Nope, I heard it on one of the radio stations yesterday. But since I can't really say guess again, as the answer is obvious, let's carry on. Tommy's childhood memories are cleaning the rollers with his father. He says this at the Print Works to Earnest Kelly, who he sees as a fatherly figure. damn I made that detailed xD ! And my question is: What is the reward for completing the third car list @ Sunshine Autos..? i think you get the sandking? (havent played in quite some time 'cause i downloaded it and never downloaded it on this pc but...)and i suggest you never download the game just pay the 9.97 and buy it i had to install and download it 4 times just to get sfx and tried to get radio but after 37 reinstalls i gave up (48hours no sleep.... GAH)
  10. i think anything b4 san fierro, then it gets mildly challengeing then at the first ZERO mission it gets kinda challenging..... the worst were all the zero mission... such small targets and such fu**ed up controls and view in a lil RC plane/heli
  11. ok obviously some of them are already there but i mean like roaming not just in missions and in wide spread contact not just one time or another
  12. who is the the main character a "parody" of? if i would have said that you would have answered...... i was thinking of driv3r where they call him timmy vermaceli or some sh*t
  13. in the alley near the like theater/megaplex ampi theatre in a little nook/cranney who is the person that tommy is a model of?
  14. brass knukles handsdown being a pyro-thug i love the flame thrower except when you get backflamed by a ped
  15. actually its true and i have pics on my digital camera
  16. heres an obvious one in the country and desert, if you fall out of a plane into water, or crash into water with a car a plane will usually falll near you and no one will be in it.
  17. if you go into the los santos police garage with a tank and go to the end of it there is a hunter..... in the country (forgot where i might hunt it again) theres a sign that says "getting our hands in your genes since ...." i also forgot the year
  18. if you used SAMI to install the mod your prolly done for but if it was manual its a good thing you backed up your files
  19. ok i dont know how to install or view TXD and carcols files and i wanna install the quality mod so i dont have to look at gunk on my cars.... thank you
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