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  1. I agree with Chris it would'nt be a very smart idea. I also like the new Concept
  2. Just so you know, that page is all you really need to know about Epsilon and at this point im not sure anyone really cares Dude.
  3. some people can be jerks....... Were can i get the software, download or Disk?
  4. hmm. i geuss you're right but i still think a few colors could be a help and headlines that standout
  5. you dont need to flame me i just thought it would be helpful
  6. excuse my language but im being serious the reason i dont visit the homepage is because its FUCKING boring im not being a jerk just a person not afraid to tell you whats wrong, try embedding a flash game near the bottom of the page, you can find a few embeddable games at www.freeonlinegames.com also make links bigger brighter and stand out more, like neon green or orange, also try to make exciting headlines for the news, hell let me take a crack at pitching you a few lines if you want me to.....
  7. every second i get older... but less mature. maybe i need another girlfirend but yeah ill be here in a couple seconds
  8. what is it and what relation does it have to gta 4?
  9. ok i dont mean to act like a retard, or a fake mod poser but GET BACK ON TOPIC big deal its a loss of communication so what?
  10. Hey at least someone gets it..... and the other one is for the map and building mods i need this is for vehicles, if a mod wants he can merge em but i personally think that it would be less confusing if they were seperate
  11. they come as i think em up, right now i need an ambulance that is a hummer with a medical symbol on the side, a patriot with a medical cross would work
  12. who is sweat (sw-aet) i know of a sweet (sw-eet) but no perspiration....
  13. its your service its up to you what you do when and for who.
  14. i want to turn little haiti into a warzone. so i need someone to make buildings with battle damage, also to turn the streets into dirt tracks i also need someone to make military vehicles. if you could teach me to make stuff that would be great too. THANKS Will
  15. well im currently haveing difficulties with my email so could you just kindly PM it to me? and i've never installed a TXD but ill experiment my friend.
  16. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v80/Matt...ures/Benson.jpg i want an ad for the side of the Box on the back
  17. like the thing on the side of the boxy thing on the back
  18. ok then.... what about an ad thats refreshing for the benson?
  19. ok im sorry to bring back this topic but it interested me to see what people thought.... what if niko went to vice city to duke it out with tommy?
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