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  1. ok... i want something like a hazey blue background, with a humvee in the right corner and a guy in the middle (who looks cool of course) and i would like if possible to put in letters on the left "you've pwned me 1 too many times" if not its ok
  2. i want somethin unique and tough for the enforcer but i want to keep the VCPD Colors...... also i want a newer style replacement for the benson
  3. well it still turned out great
  4. ok i want to give every vehicle in VC a new look but i cant find anything i like for vans and "big rigs" or basically any truck at all. so if you guys have any i might like please post here..... anything thats modded and has a few cool features will do!!!
  5. i crashed an at-400 into a river (it might be an at-40 i dont know THE BIG PLANE) after the whole airbus in the hudson incident and i was trapped under the wing as i got out of it and needless to say i was drowned
  6. ok i found a link to the downgrader patch and while attempting to reinstall i got a message saying: saying something about file E:\ audio\STREAMS\TK its because of a cyclic redundency check whatever the F**K that is usually i would just use my other gta SA disk but i let a friend borrow it for a week and am now in need of it (woe is me) so if anyone knows if i can fix it and where i can get the file/code i need and where to put it i will be very grateful.THANK YOU IN ADVANCE
  7. eh..... thanks to them were a little closer to puttin this crap behind us
  8. i found a topic about secret valley on the front of a magazine that can be found on the floor of the mulholland house(not madd dogs)
  9. ok i want to know if the game is worth buying. can someone give me a brief summary of the characters etc? i dont mind spoilers as long as you put the tags around em
  10. im not trying to advertise just want to see what people think of it
  11. okso here is the link ot my nooby music forum. still under construction but well on its nooby little way
  12. i created a music forum called [link removed]. it is under construction and isnt complete yet but you can join and help out around the forums. Regards, the laggy-ass noob
  13. well other than the ones wit yellow arrows, i geuss blue hell, NYC(LC), and i geuss any other building/area you can find
  14. ok i can do that...... some thing like "i've been pwned 1 too many times by you" or somethin with a an army of humvees or tanks in the background and an angry guy in the foreground with a dunce cap on........... can ya do that?
  15. a secluded area, behind buildings where there are no peds, etc. a funnt spot is in the area near the strip club there is a hill if you do it there, and roll down it should work lol
  16. could you make me one? pweeeezze? (if you do somethin laggy and nooby please)
  17. hey nice siggy

  18. this topic is for laggy noobs like me....... LAGGY NOOB BASHER
  19. there are a few ways to tell if you have SA V1 or V2 some easy ways to tell are on the box it will say "second edition" if you have version 2. This is found on the bottom of the black border around the front of the box. Another uncertain way to tell is when and where you bought your copy. im not an expert on this kinda stuff and those are the only 2 ways I know of but im certain there are many more ways to tell and other members will be glad to help you but i thought that this might helkp some people looking to mod there SA game.
  20. ok this is like a place where you can make "ads" to sell different models of cars here are two simple rules: everyone has to have their own car model (like a burrito, rancher etc.) and emergency vehicles dont count. ok ill start off: GET THE NEWEST AND BEST FOR YOUR BUSY LIFESTYLE: THE TURISMO This car is the best whether you're racin trolleys in san fierro or jumpin buildings in venturas this car is THE best. for the speedster lookin for the perfect car you've found it, its as simply said as that!!!! *extra charges apply to rims and engine upgrades
  21. lets not ruin this poor persons post with our quarrels
  22. omfg ltfo hbf ok ill admit it...... im bored and ya know what this whole post was useless so there mr Twisted.... merry feakin christmas
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