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  1. I think I will manage to play today. I think the game will run pretty good on max settings.
  2. A car shop or garage in Trenton. Name the third mission given by D-Ice.
  3. You get Area 69 sending planes on you that shoot you if you stay above the radar. Name the gang that control East Los Santos.
  4. Practice with a stunt plane above Area 69 and in the desert, and then try the N.O.E. mission. Or always fly above the radar, and in the corona lower down and fly up again. It's risky, and you will need to dodge all the time.
  5. Do the whore magnet cheat and replace the .img and .dff of a whore with a cop skin.
  6. To set up a gang war between the Colombian Cartel and the Yardies. What is the name of the race mission gave by King Courtney?
  7. Silence the Sneak. What is the name of the mission where you release a Yakuza member from jail?
  8. Yay. It'd be awesome to have another Modern CoD game.
  9. I would be happy to play a female. When I'll knife people, it won't look gay.
  10. Fighting Hydra's with a Hydra above San Andreas in Rain and Fog.
  11. I keep in my house a small 50. Cal Desert Eagle, not mine of-course. I think it's the perfect weapon for house defense. It's medium speed, powerfull. I think it's good for defending your home against rapists and robbers.
  12. Drug Dealing. But like you buy drugs in one place, and sell for different prices at different times and stuff. And alot of drugs, not just Marijuana and Heroin bullshit.
  13. Maccer. What are the 2 prizes of the races in the county side?
  14. I always wanted a Medieval GTA. Like you can steal horses, pillage villages, get chased by rangers and knights, kill kings and drinking ale in pubs.
  15. Atheist. I ain't like the Medieval Atheists, and I don't care what people religion is. I respect them all, and even my grandma is a religious man so I really don't care. So..I'm an Atheist.
  16. I have alot of Deja Vu's. And once I saw for a tiny second, through a bathroom. My dad was in it. Or I think I saw through it.
  17. Lord of the Rings: Conquest. It gets out a few days after Christmas, but I can accept a few days later than usual. GTA IV. For the PC. And I really want to be Master of Reality.
  18. I don't smoke, but my dad smokes, but he starts to quit. I don't even want to smoke, it's just gross, and makes your teeth yellow. And it smells bad.
  19. Hi. I am new here, and I wanted to introduce myself. My favorite music is Metal, I can't be arsed to listen to other styles, as I am regular to Metal. I prefer Death Metal and Black Metal. I think Nu Metal is just a stupid wannabe compared to other Metal bands. Except Mushroomhead. I only own a PC, and I really love the GTA series, DS series ( Dungeon Siege ) and more. So, Hi. And I aint from Jamaica, I just think the flag looks cool.
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