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  1. Thanks for Replying I need a modded car that replaces the SAVANA Which i can customize when i take it to the garage A modded car replacing SAVANA I got a modded Mercedes Benz which replaces BLADE But when i take that modded car to the garage the shutter opens but when i place the modded Benz in that red circle to customize it then nothing happens. It stays where it is (in that red mark) But when i take the normal BLADE everything goes awesome So i give up with BLADE And please can you tell me where I can get a MODDED car that replaces SAVANA
  2. As it was said because of your video card It use to happen to me too before So what I did was Go to option and Display then I i reduce the resolution so i think that must help you for sure.
  3. Yes I got while browsing GTA sites Its a trainer you can -->Skin Level -->Complete mission without playing it Here you are http://www.gtainside.com/en/download.php?d...ad&id=17514
  4. I've been playing with some 100% save games until last week when i installed a few car mods! ever since then any 100% save game loads and game crashes!!! i can play new game... but haven't tried saving it and re-loading it! help dear friends Ok.I believe that you have back-up your files <DATA> & <MODELS> If yes then please replace them Or re-install it May be the files must be corrupted And the <script>folder should be replaced Hope this helps you
  5. Hi...! No one helped me on lowrider but have to in this Can anyone give me CJ whit skin mod SAMI installaion I am too very lazy too replace so many things Please help me out Please
  6. Make sure you have pasted the crack. I too downloaded and it is working perfectly And make sure it's not demo The main stuff is your crack hope you pasted it right(IF U HAVE ONE)
  7. Hey... Can we race only with a LOWRIDER or any other cars also Is there any car mod that is tuneable like the garage opens if we take our cars inside Any mod car that is tuneable for racing and other purposes Thanks in advance
  8. He means skipping a level Jump to the next level completing the specific level I dont know if there is one like that
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