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  1. Bro..I am so very glad that it worked. Right now I have been installing buildings and other stuffs through TXD workshop. Its the best.It will display the pictures of the TXD files. I give it a 100/100 You can get it from here. TXD workshop. After you download if any prob then ask me I will show you a slideshow from my PC.
  2. It should work. By the way I don't use saved games of others but I did for GTA VICE CITY of Chris. And I did the same and its the same for San Andreas because i did it with my saved games it self. Best of Luck.
  3. If you mean download 100% saved games then you can download it from here in this site it self. And when you download these saved games it will be in a winrar file format, just extract and copy those files to you My Documents/GTA SAN ANDREAS USERFILES .b Files are saved game files.
  4. You have that .b File Copy and Paste where I told you. And the 1 of the reason your game is crashing is Your San Adreas and HIS/HER saved games of San Andreas Version may differ from each other. And I know thats so very sick.
  5. Ok...I quit Its so very tough to make you understands Why the hell are you using SAMI to put saved games
  6. Are the files something like this ---GTASAsf1.b---- If yes. then you have to paste in mydocuments GTA SAN ANDREAS USER FILES And load it in-game.
  7. Dude...Wake up..!! This is copy-pasting We are not changing any stuffs in-game. Just pasting someones saved game
  8. Ok...Just paste it in your C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\GTA SAN ANDREAS USERFILES easy way My Documents\GTA SAN ANDREAS USER FILES Paste it there I hope you have downloaded and want to continue with those downloaded saved game. If yes, Then this is the way
  9. Looolzz...!! Does model mean mobiles...Wake up. I meane models like a building car or etc etc
  10. Hey..!! Just started using SAMP newbie ofcourse These are what I did -Installed _in my directory now -Doubleclick it -It open -I enter my name -Then click Internet (down) -Then,WHAT..!!!
  11. Are they SAMI scripts.If no, then you can't install it through SAMI.
  12. Winrar are files that extract the zipped folder which ever mod you download will be zipped to extract (spread) it you need winrar. And if SAMI is installed then right click the winrar file and you will see a option called "INSATLL WITH SAMI" But it should be a car containing both DFF & TXD files or it should have a SAMI script. So if have a winrar just right click and install with SAMI. Remember only cars with DFF & TXD or SAMI scripts Now i hope u do know what is SAMI scripts?
  13. Nice one Jessey but try to make some model not only Skin. Still awesome ones
  14. Yeah..!! Whats wrong. What did you try to install by the way. U cant just select a folder or winrar just like that...it should have both DFF & TXD files or a SAMI scripts.
  15. What is the reason your are using scripter for?
  16. IMG fileis usally used but its manual. As said by NOTYOUHAHA Hell complicated as its manual and SAMI is automatic. And SAMI installs your Vehicle MOD and SAMI scripts clean. And SAMI warns you if the file is coruppted.
  17. What in the hell are you talking?? Its my favourite and easy program to install vehicles and SAMI scripts. What are you stucked up on,
  18. Ok... Now i tried that scripter its something else. It can only open SAMI files. I need to add something to SAMI someone please help me with this. I just need it fast.
  19. There is a trainer gives u 100% with all your girl friends.
  20. Hmmm.... I think that is it (i hope so) Thats why it is called SAMI scripts. There are many modders here who release there SAMI mods...oops.!! I Mean SAMI scripts. Thanks for giving this hit. It you only you ha ha 8)
  21. Huh...a very helpfull guy in the forum.A cool modder used evry of his Mods but not his saved games cuz i don use them.And am sure that is awesome too.Just best of luckfor your big modification..

    God bless yah

  22. I just want to add some Big replacements to SAMI ( san andreas mod installer ) There are some Gang with total conversion and everything I just want to add those DFF & TXD files to SAMI. That would make it easy and SAMI will give me a clean, 100% working installion. Like CJ White Skin Mod. I would like to add it to SAMI. Please help me how to add those files to SAMI. Thanks in advance
  23. Lol...I think R* knows that they don't need to do those stuffs as it will be done by Modders themselves
  24. First of all A hell thanks to reply bro. And lol. We have to download paint jobs for modded rides. I started customizing it. And thanks once again for this help. Great going...!!
  25. Something my brother didn't say about all this, any games that use bars instead of values are very very difficult to train. He demo the money cheat because that deals with an exact value unlike other games like The Sims 2 that shows things in a graphic or some bars. Those things are very tough. Have Fun making a trainer! I never said this "Huh these are all easy and newbie stuffs" Lol...bro i do know these are hell tough and i dont excpect it to be a 100% sucess
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