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  1. But I can't chase him with the vortex he escapes by then. OG LOC ESCAPED Mission Failed
  2. I just can't hold him up. I didn't touch the handling.cfg I checked out the video in youtube he was always kind close to Loc but even Madd Dogg races me up
  3. Hey..!! Sorry..but the same crap mission problems once again. In the mission " Cut Throat Mission " in which we have to chase OG Loc with Madd Dogg in a Vortex..duh.. OG Loc and Madd Dogg just goes further than me in no time. And just wanted to ask if there is any key or something in PC to speed up vortex. -Thanx
  4. Yeah..!! I agree with you. But is it dangerous.
  5. Did you mean buildings and other stuffs. And can you write bit more good without shortcuts
  6. Ok..!! You replaced every files to you San Andreas Directory. Make sure with that CLEO file you downloaded. Not only .cs, make sure there is some other files called fxt or cm
  7. That sick snow mod problem. Re-Installed backuped my DATA & MODELS Folder so can replace later. Its cool now. Thanks dude..!!
  8. That's it. I can't play the mission after the cut scene everything goes black and i can't go any further in that mission.
  9. Sorry..!! But the pic is of no mean. After the Cut scene of "Truth" in the mission "Black Project". When that cut scene gets over then everything goes black nothing appears. Then nothing appears except that shit black out screen
  10. I just completed N.O.E Stowaway & when I go into the red mark and black project mission appears then Truth's Cutscene then everything goes black. And Nothing appears Does anyone know whats this shitty prob Thanx
  11. A : 2 Q : which character in GTASA drives a car with the license plate - A2TMFK ?
  12. Lol...but I play the game everyday. Anyways its ok
  13. Oh...Wrack I thought you are giving your saved games. Man thanks a million Gottha watch the cut scene and everything in youtube. Wacka boom boom thanks once again
  14. I just need these HUD & Radar for San Andreas. Looks cool am currently using the GTA IV HUD & Radar mod But this looks better and cool so can anyone tell me where can I get these, by the way I saw this pic in the skins download outtha here TGTAP. So if it is available for download can anybody gimme the link to the download page. ---------Thanks------
  15. Editing my complete post to say your saved games are working more than perfect. So can you please work on mine because I bought all the properties and cloth. Hope no hard feelings.But freefall looks the most crap mission ever seen. So I hope you can do it.
  16. Can't anyone of you help me with this.
  17. Export the TXD you get in player.img or other misc img. And edit them with Photo Shop and you would be needing some extra tools to edit in photoshop as you can get them to download These videos could be helpfull or just browse other related ones Hope that help you.
  18. It is not "fxp" its "fxt". You have to paste "fxt" inside CLEO folder there would be an another folder called "CLEO_TEXT" paste it there. And paste the "TXD" in your MODELS/TXD folder. If there is no folder called CLEO_TEXT inside CLEO folder then create one. And make sure you have the GXT plugin if you don't then you can have mine. Just copy this and paste in your CLEO folder PASTE_IN_CLEO_FOLDER.rar
  19. Come on ppl reply please any of you guys have gta 4 This is not a GTA4 thread.
  20. I tried a hell lot of times completeing this crap mission FREEFALL. Can anyone complete that mission for me please. THANKS GTASAsf1.rar
  21. I dont think there is High Quality effects for CLEO but there is another one with replacing files. You can download that from here And "cm" should be pasted in CLEO folder with "cs"
  22. I had gone to that place now i remember after seeing it but never knew it is AREA 69 This is the place right
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