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  1. Playstation_Loyalist

    VC vs. VCS

    Vice City Stories isn't as great as one could think about returning to Vice. Though it had radical changes (more neon lighting, more side missions, swimming, etc.), it had big time disappointments. Like the others said, the storyline was weak, weaker than LCS. The ending is too damn easy. I mean, this could be the easiest mission. The graphics were a disappointment: cartoony to the extent that it was TOO unrealistic. Returning characters are worse than their original counterparts, especially Lance Vance. Damn. VC>VCS.
  2. Playstation_Loyalist

    holy crap

    LOL. The employees were funny.
  3. Playstation_Loyalist

    GTA to return to Vice City in 2009?

    No. Impossible. Tommy's a III era character, so Niko could not "duke" it out with him. Anyway, re-creating Vice City doesn't mean they lack creativity. Placing a single dot on a paper is already creativity. You just have to improve it. I mean, Vice City isn't really a replica of Miami, though it caught the 80's vibe in Miami. Though I also agree with the idea of a Tokyo-themed city. The problem is the native language.
  4. Playstation_Loyalist

    Ford vs. Chevy

    Chevy pwnz. While Chevrolet hits the "green" (fuel-efficient, nature-friendly) car club, Ford still uses the rust bucket style of motoring (concerning the environment). Equinox pwnz the Expedition, F-150 and all other Ford SUV's. Ford= God Gas Guzzler.
  5. Playstation_Loyalist

    Most Disturbing Moments of your life!

    The time my seat mate puked at my lunch.
  6. Playstation_Loyalist

    Attention All Americans

    They aren't disgusting. It depends. It really could be a piece of art or something, but guys won't eat this like daily meals. Maybe a more-than once-in-a-lifetime experience, or an experiment. But yeah, this is really not healthy.
  7. Playstation_Loyalist

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hi! I'm Playstation_Loyalist. I'm new here! Well, just kidding...sort-off. Welcome to all. Enjoy your stay, only at TGTAP.
  8. Playstation_Loyalist

    Have you been banned on another forum?

    What's the URL so I could take a look. Well, I have never been banned, only warned because of mock-up accounts. Good thing. Whew.
  9. Playstation_Loyalist

    Have you been banned on another forum?

    I've been banned 4 times in a row in GTAF (well, I did 5 and one got saved). I was changing names in the forum. what a turd am I. Other than that, none. GTAF is just...just...oh damn it. I've been screwing up some of my peeps at the soon-to-be Activision forums. But for all those bashing, saying #$^&%&^% words, etc., I got no warning from a moderator or an administrator. Well, I love my part of being the anti-majority dude. GTAF just got my records pooped.
  10. Playstation_Loyalist

    GTA Theme you loved the most.

    VC's the best for my part. It really matched the 80's theme the game offers.
  11. Playstation_Loyalist

    Best character Of Gta San Andreas

    I kinda liked the fat guy (Smoke), but his stupid actions lead him to his downfall. I like Sweet. Though he's quite a bad ass in some ways, he still is a caring member and a brother for Grove Street and CJ, respectively.
  12. Playstation_Loyalist

    Vice City Trivia

    Well, not really. It was in the cut scene on one of the missions of GTA III (though never knew what mission it is).
  13. Playstation_Loyalist

    Vice City Trivia

    4 Trucks. Where does the parked ship in Viceport be last seen in GTA III?
  14. Playstation_Loyalist

    GTA Wii

    GTA on the Wii? I don't know. It's just that the Wiimote is universal, TOO universal for a GTA game. Like what some members posted in this topic, the Wii's pad is just too sensitive. I mean, if I'm, for example, walking in a pedestrian lane and someone called me, my hands would drop the Wiimote. If I had very low health, and was on a mission, and was hit by a car because the Wiimote forced the AI to move to the nearby road, that's annoying. WaW is a big fat example. But let's just say that Rockstar can avoid these.
  15. Playstation_Loyalist

    VC vs. VCS

    Liberty City Stories used the graphics engine games like Vice City and III used, while Vice City Stories used the same graphics engine San Andreas used. So, graphics in "SanAn" and VCS are more 3-D-esque than the other III era GTA games.