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    GTA IV Online !?

    Personally, I like thinking out of the box. But in this case, Sam Houser is out of his mind. What guy in his right frame of mind would give up GTA for an RPG of all things? *Braces for impact of inevitable flames from RPG Fanboys... and girls*
  2. The JD

    A little help with Pings

    I can see my pings along with a load of other stuff including Choke(What the heck is choke anyway? Someone please explain!), FPS and some stuff just labeled in and out. It comes up in the lower right hand corner of my screen and is in white text. Also, am I allowed to mess around in the console while on a server? The last thing I want is to end up getting banned globally from all CSS Servers.
  3. The JD

    GTA IV Online !?

    If R* are gonna make GTA IV have elements of MTA, IJs will be done for. Tha being said, I wouldn't mind having the PSP style multiplayer stuff for GTA IV. I really liked the different modes other than deathmatch and race like Steal The Stretch. Good Fun!
  4. The JD

    A little help with Pings

    Ok. I tried what chris said and funnily enough, the internet setting was wrong. So I fixed it and feeling like I has finally solved this problem I started a game. Not 5 minutes into one round and *BOOM* I'm getting pings of around 1500 ms. Well, I called up Telewest and upgraded my connection to a 4MB. (I've been wanting to do that for a long time) I changed my Steam Internet settings again to so that it befits my new connection and started a game. I think I played around 5 rounds. Then once again my pings started rocketing. However, I did notice that the maximum they went upto was not 1500 anymore but just 800. So the new connection does make a difference but I think the problem is within CSS itself. Can someone tell me what other reasons make pings high? I haven't got any adware/spyware on my computer as I run weekly checks. The only other program running in the background is Norton Internet Security (Tried disabling it but still no difference). One thing I did do however was waited till my pings rocketed, then Alt + Tabbed out of the game and opened up the Windows Task Manager. I checked what other program was using my Network Bandwidth and came up empty. Only CSS is using my internet and its only using around 0.5%. Like I said earlier, I think the problem is within CSS and so I've posted for help on the CSS forums. Hopefully, there will have been a precedent and I'll get it solved. If you guys have any other suggestions, I'd love to hear them!
  5. The JD

    Need Help Car Moding

    I had uploaded a converter onto a thread like this one before but for the life of me I can't seem to find it. Try searching the treads in the SA Modding Forum. It should be around there somewhere.
  6. The JD

    A little help with Pings

    Any suggestions on how to fix that? What if I upgraded to a faster connection? Would it help?
  7. The JD

    GTA IV Online !?

    Well, I suppose I exaggerated a bit. I'm gonna stick with Gerard though. I don't think other people want to see what I do in - game.
  8. The JD


    Are you installing mods or are you creating them? If you're only looking to install mods and that particular mod does not have a SAMI installion file, then just use an IMG editor such as IMG Tool and replace the files in your GTA3.img. If you're trying to package files into SAMI scripts in order to make them easier to install then you're better off asking Jace above ^. BTW, Welcome to the forums!
  9. The JD

    Ghostchild Presents - Pokker

    Hmm... video was good. A little toned down from the last one - special video effects wise - but good all the same. It was defintely nice to see airplanes other than the hydra. Nice going - Keep up the good work Ghostchild! BTW, from where does he come up with names for his videos? Are they words in another language or something? Just curious.
  10. The JD

    A little help with Pings

    Hmm... i'm not sure if I am playing on a UK server or not as I never bothered to check. I've played before on the server with no problems and I know many people from my own postcode who play on the server so I don't think that's the problem. And could you please explain how Norton could be causing the problem? I wasn't aware of the fact that it ever used any bandwidth. *This is making me even more paranoid than the time I found out that the Microsoft Windows OS sent information from my computer without me knowing!* I have one other computer at home that leeches the internet off of me but it doesn't make a difference if I disconnect it or not.
  11. The JD

    The Unknown Plane

    Its lamer than the AT-400 as it also has no coloured textures. Its all white, with black wheels.
  12. The JD

    Loading Screen Glitch

    I don't remember any such glitch. What version PSP are you playing on and are you using any homebrew while playing?
  13. The JD

    GTA IV Online !?

    If R* do to GTA IV what Kojima did to Metal Gear Ac!d and Metal Gear Ac!d 2, I will take a leaf out of Tommy Vercetti's book and ram a rocket up each and every one of R*'s staff's ass(es?). They can't just go around changing GTA into an RPG. GTA will be GTA. Can you imagine people going: "Did you know that my *Insert GTA IV Protagonist Here* is a level 999, has a mana of 100000, hit points of 100000 and has just upgraded to a level 50 Rocket Launcher!"
  14. The JD

    The Unknown Plane

    Yes, I'm pretty sure almost everyone who has played the game knows about the Andromeda. It was removed from the game just like the Skateboard, the FBI Truck and the S.W.A.T Tank. If you don't mind me asking, what is it with you and trying to build a name for yourself by finding glitches? You've been telling this to everyone on the GTA 3 Billboard thread too - I quote - "Tell all your friends about this glitch and also tell them who found it!" Not to mention thar your signature advertises this fact as well. People find new glitches everyday everywhere. It's not a reason to advertise it all over the place. I'm also pretty sure that someone else somewhere in the world has found the GTA3 billboard glitch but were modest enough to not advertise it. I'm not saying that what you're doing is wrong. I'm just donating my $0.02!
  15. The JD

    Tom Clancy's - Ghost Recon: Advanced War Fighter

    Credits for the physics go to AGEIA's new PhysX Cards. Even without the hardware, the software is pretty amazing. The game itself on the whole is also pretty good.
  16. Do any of you music genre geniuses know what genre this song is? I'm not too sure but it sounds like Gospel. I'd be extremely grateful if someone could confirm what it is. It's from Disney's Hercules movie - A Star Is Born. Also, does anyone any bands that play this kind of music? Would appreciate the help. Thanks! EDIT: Hmm... I'm having trouble uploading the file. Anyways, I'm sure everyone who was once a kid, knows what song I'm talking about.
  17. The JD

    So I bought a PSP

    Nice. I've got v2.01 too. *Blush* Well, since I got my v1.5, I haven't been keeping up to date on the PSP Homebrew news. Looks like I was wrong... not for the first time... You can run homebrew on upto v2.6 but it is limited. Thanks for the up Spaz.
  18. The JD

    Britney Spears and Bin Ladin Player skins...

    Are you sure these are for San Andreas? Last time I checked SA didn't support skins. They're probable for Vice City.
  19. The JD

    Favourite car

    I'm pretty sure this topic exists elsewhere in this forum. Please search before you post. EDIT: Here you go: Favourite Car Topics
  20. The JD

    Game save trouble

    Don't double post! Welcome to the forums though!
  21. The JD

    So I bought a PSP

    Cool. You can find what version it is by going to System Settings(Extreme Left Menu) and then to System Information. I don't think it's going to be v2.7 as I'm pretty sure they haven't been reloaded yet. Not impossible though. And you can't downgrade anything other than a v2.00 so tough luck with homebrew if you've got anything higher. Its a pretty fun platform even without homebrew although I must admit walking into GAME and randomly turning off PS2's and XboX 360's when people are palying on them by using the Universal Remote homebrew is pretty funny.
  22. The JD

    Need three original cars..

    Here you go: Compressed using WinRAR and in three separate folders. Hope this helps. BTW, Welcome to the forums! GTA_SA_Original_Cars.rar
  23. The JD

    Why does my game always crash!:(:(

    What version of San Andreas are you running? Its a known fact that v2.0 does not support mods. If you do have v2.0 and want to install a mod you'll have to downgrade to v1.0. Also post your system specs on here. It helps. BTW, Welcome to the forums!
  24. The JD

    SA-MP released

    Tommy dude, whats with the double posting? You've been here for ages and so should know the rules by now. BTW, I'd rather wait for MTA SA: Deathmatch.
  25. The JD

    So I bought a PSP

    First of all congrats on joining the PSP club. Mind if I ask what firmware version it is? Also don't get Metal Gear Acid an MGA 2 for the PSP if you liked the PS versions. They are 2 totally different genres and IMHO Kojima f***ed up the PSP versions. Anyways, Chris82, you do know that you can play v2.00+ games on a v1.50 right? PM me if you want to know which homebrew to use. I've been playing Pursuit Force on my v1.50 for ages now. BTW, anyone here play Megaman Maverick Hunter X?