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  1. tommy is a psychotic drug dealer ...CJ is a gangbanger. ...
  2. is vic now the tupac of gta? lol
  3. I just gpt 100% it a couple days ago.. so who else has? BE HONEST!
  4. whne they said they were gonna make VCS so much bigger, thye meant thy were adding mre draw distiance, able to swim, new water features, possibly more altitude when u gte in the helicoptors, etc. i doubt their will be a "lost island"
  5. I cant wait for this game to come out, the girl by the car reminds me of the girl from scarface his wife.
  6. I Love Vice City, I play it as much as I can!
  7. yeah, I have a strong feeling that VCS is going to be set in the 80' or early 90's.
  8. Dude, Skateboarding isn't going to happen. That's why they made Tony Hawks Pro Skater.
  9. I'm preaty sure Gta IV Will be much bigger than that.
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