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  1. machine guns would have definetly worked. no that gay ass water cannon, i mean wtf s that used for? bathing bad guys? just reatrted.
  2. You have to go to the restricted area space near the air strip and their is all kinds of vehicals there (Hunter, Leviathan, Hummer, Hydra) be careful though you automatically recieve 5 stars for entering!
  3. Does anybody have Alienware? if you do, isnt it the sweetest gaming PC anybody could have? 5 gigs on that is like 5 kb on a regular computer
  4. Motorbike corkscrew? never seen or heard of it. iv done the corkscrew in the drivnig school with the banshee
  5. wuts with the other 1 percent? you mean its 100% impossbile because theres no hope in finding everything in San Andreas without help.
  6. His names Fido if i say it is.... fine Claude then.. god i swear
  7. Hahaha the last one with the teacher was just hilarious, great stuff. you sohuld really do Smart Ass Answers for 2005
  8. totally a scam! why would..... nevermind, i bought my ipod nano for 50 dollars im special
  9. Halo 2 (online) San Andreas (of course) IPOD Nano
  10. All i want for Christmas is my two front teeeth :
  11. The Xbox 360 Core System is really for the people that want to get the extra accesories at their own pace. People that have Xbox Live right now post your gamertags: Goobers187 <<< mine
  12. because........umm well you see............shit i dont know i didint make this thread
  13. Ah ha, ok, thanks. do any of you guys have an Xbox 360 console?
  14. OKOKOKOK i read you loud and clear!! so what would you guys recommend me getting?
  15. I know theres two different kind of versions for the Xbox 360 but could anybody specifically tell me the differeces between the two? Like does the Xbox 360 Core System have all the graphics and whatnot of the regular Xbox 360?
  16. i have hard enough time remmebering the password to my 2 accounts!
  17. Kool, i forgot about the profile thingy but thanks for posting your sn's anyways
  18. Mike Toreno or Ken Rosenberg. Kens funny how hes always on coke and stuff.
  19. Haha those are funni especially the one where the guy runs into the glass and acted like nothing happned! he was just walkin and then !!
  20. Oh.......well uhh........ i knew that hehe
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