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  1. Banned for putting odd things in sig
  2. Type in lol in the search bar. try other laughing abbreviations to see if there is a place like that.
  3. Banned for being banned. B& IS B&
  4. You are a pedo bear that likes to rape children.
  5. Because he blew up the yellow Van.
  6. Oskar


    Laptop? lol Get a brand new spanking PC not some weak laptop.
  7. So what if I go offtopic? There are mods for the consequences, no? You can just leave it out and let the staff deal with it. LOLSIMPLE.
  8. Go /b/ an hero or something. edit: http://img527.imageshack.us/img527/5751/1181421064313ce7.jpg [de imageified - GJB]
  9. WTF do you think I did for the past hour.
  10. NO U Actually it's a new GTA. Read moar, kthnx.
  11. Like they all say. So basically a new GTA or something else? Edit: link to source
  12. Surreeee..... You can grow up, too. Anyways, I'll GTFO this topic incase Gerard is in a bad mood. Or needs to test something out. ¬¬
  13. Yes, but still you typed that. God, just deal with it. God, please don't make anyone as dumb as PS3 Player.
  14. Jace was thinking that you're a moron and called you that, so in return, you thought of Jace being a piece of shit so you called him that. Jesus, you're so dumb.
  16. But you still called him a piece of shit. God... And I don't care who started it, this is just lame and it should stop.
  17. A couple of hours ago, /b/ was infested of ways to kill the kid. Some guy even found out that it was Alex Wuori who got interviewed not David.
  18. Gerard I think you used one of my quotes and even after I said 'IMO your a worhtless piece of shit' I said afterwards what was the point. Don't get me wrong Im not bothered about getting a warning just showing you that I ain't done nothing wrong EDIT Just found the rules and TBH I don't think I have broke any of them 1) No Rasicm/Sexism/Homophobia 2) No extreme use of vulgar language 3) No Spamming ________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________ Mpilk all I did was state what the PS3 could do that the Wii couldn't. I never said it was crap or anything like that. Teh Boldz: He warned you because you called Jace a piece of shit. I know he called you a moron but that's minor. Teh Italicz: You did swear a lot in this topic. So you should just STFU about this affair. And you too, Jace. Kthnx.
  19. ^ LOL @ "Sky's bear" everyone in DS knows whats that about ^ WE. ARE. ANONYMOUS. Go to all the chans and stuff and you will figure.
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