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  1. Im 16, i'll be 17 on march 2nd...
  2. Yeah exactly, I used to work in a shop as a cashier and even if it doesnt look like they are looking at your purchases, they are. Im amazed that he even bought it for that price! I mean, can you imagine? " yup, nice ipod, that'll be $4.99 please..."
  3. Yeah at the yop of the Gant Bridge there is a little sign built onto the side saying 'Go away no easter eggs here' This is because in Vice city there was an actual easter egg hidden in a invisible wall.
  4. Hey everyone, Im 16 and im from Scotland. Im also a girl, which I see is unnusual in these forums by the looks of things!
  5. Swimming, modding your car, a vast selcection of planes, and the entering of buildings. I actually hated the whole turf war thing. When I said 'The hood is under attack!' for about the 100th time I just thought, 'Goddam, not AGAIN!'
  6. Yeah, completing the paramedic missions is worth it for the max health. The big pointy building has some sort of glitch on it, because I never seem to die when jumping off of it either.
  7. billie jean- mj video killed the radio star- buggles they are my 2 favourites, I dont have many because I usually listen to Kchat!
  8. I thought rockstar confirmed there was no bigfoot...
  9. Seriously? Man, I hated that mission so much. My favourite mission was the one where you had to burn the weed field for the truth. I loved that one.
  10. I feel the same way! I loved the other GTAs but for me San an is still my favourite. There is just so much more of the game in San Andreas. There are so may places you can go and so many secrets to be found. After about a year of having the game im still finding stuff and going places ive never gone before.
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