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  1. I would say im a nerd, and also a jock, well for one, i love computers and shit and everyone knows that in my school,I do all the team sports in my school as much as i can, I own at Speedball, and they know i dont take shit, 2nd week of school kid throws a pizza pop in my face and laughs, i go apeshit on him, he crys with a completely swollen face.
  2. Heh, nice bike, my uncles got a Ducati 999R in Europe, got to ride it twice, my god, when riding it, bring 2 pairs of underwear.. I payed 1650 for this bike, lol the sales man was shocked when i pulled out 17 one hundred dollar bills also got a helmet
  3. My new bike Giant STP Lenosky so happy i bought it, already doing stair cases and stuff, Dirt Jumper FOR THE WIN. I love it IMO, just wanna go ride it every day. Thoughts on it? FEATURES: * RockShox Argyle 318, 100mm suspension fork with 20mm thru axle * Holzfeller crankset, Howitzer bottom bracket * SRAM X7 rear trigger, X9 rear derailleur * Sun Ringle S.O.S rim w/ Formula 20mm front/ Shimano rear hubs * Signature Jeff Lenosky Citron Green Frame you know its not going to kill you if you reply..
  4. Happy Bday dude.

  5. seriously, i want to see a picture of the toilet she was stuck on. EPIC
  6. 1. shoot in the face with a 50.cal 2. shoot in the kidneys with a 50.cal 3. shoot in the throut with a 50.cal 4. shoot in the Wee-Wee with a 50.cal 5. Shoot him in the temple with a .44 Magnum
  7. Well, what i do is, i see a roof, then think, how can i land on it? Packer 2 bump? Natural Bump? Cornflow onto it? Wallride onto it somehow? Etc, Just be creative.
  8. Well, i might sound stupid, but, i honestly feel weird when i just think of how shit is held down by Gravity, how dense it is, etc, trips the fuck out of me, also scares me, makes me think like im in a game everyday..
  9. Well, my camera after its done recording a short clip, turns them into MOV files, know any program what i wound need to buy to convert MOV files to WMV or AVI? Any help? Links?
  10. i fucking lol'd.

  11. I shoved a button up my nose and its still there after 7 years, im 15 atm I've stabbed myself accidentally in the face with a pencil and the led is still there My birth mark is in a special place. Not a Virgin. Found over 500 bucks in a wallet i found at the school field Snitched on a druggy(hated him, made fun of me,) Pissed off a lesbian by dating her girlfriend xD
  12. Well, i went to EB games to see if they still sold PS3's and i noticed on the counter they had this, And the whole store was decked out with GTA4 stuff, From posters of screen shots to GTA4 cases for pre ordering Another shot, better quality i think
  13. LoL, nice Tshirt, Gun looks like a MP5 with no stock on it.
  15. Well, i think its time, eathier i update my computer till its 100 pounds of upgrades OR get a new custom computer, well first off Current specs: *AMD anthlonTD 64 processor 3500+ with EnHanced Virus Protection(s) *2.5 GB PC3200 DDR SDRAM memory *200GB 7200RPM Serial ATA hard drive(500GB External) *Lightscribe double layer 16x DVD+R/RW Drive with CD writer capabilities *ATI Radeon 1950 Pro *Windows XP Home * Nod32. Anti Virus. *Sonic DigitalMedia *56k Modem *10/100 base T network interface Or New: well, post some stuff, Im spending eathier 500 for a upgrade or 1000 for a new one, Games i play are BF2, Crysis, GTASA etc,
  16. Wheelman101


    yeah, finally loaded properly, so now, just talked to Locke, now going following the debris, my god i hear voices, is the mist up ahead? im scared shitless now.. :'(
  17. Front page it, and i like the last with the wanted posters on the side.
  18. Wheelman101


    Hey can you help me Rainbow bear, i did the first part, where you stop the leak, then i go to find my luggage and a dude curb stomps me in the face and i restart, that normal? Got Some Screenies, so far Good Game,
  19. Wheelman101


    I got Xfire, i love it, chating with friends so they can join your server your on, or call them durkas for playing WoW, my Xfire is apec1
  20. 12:06 at night, March 8, 2008, Somebody just broke into the School down the street you can hear the alarms going off..got a clip of them too..
  21. Was in 1998, ah, the good old days of GTA, lol so i was 6 when i started playing GTA xD
  22. JESUS CHRIST. that thing is a fucking TANK! how damn long/wide is it?!
  23. man, back from school dance, 7 grade 9 boys(me incl) and over 20/30 grade 9 girls. fuckin playa tonight.

  24. Flo Rida ft. T-Pain - Get Low hey man, i got 5.1 so it sounds awesome
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