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  1. i found this on my ps2 san andreas if you ever go to Catalina's house on the cliff,face the house and go left of the red truck and you will se 3 graves and a shovel "her old boyfiends"
  2. if you lived in BC Canada,you would be lucky cuz u could buy GTA 3 for $10 at walmart. Its brand new,my bro got 5 and now hes selling them at his school for $20 each and they're buying like crazy. CANADA
  3. yeah they are pretty high in price . but when you buy one how do u put it into the game ?mod installer? i dunno but the prices are pretty high
  4. cant you reinstall GTA 3 on to your computer again?
  5. GTA San Andreas: Radio X Radio los Santos Vice City: V rock K chat GTA 3 chatter box Game Fm
  6. my PCJ 600 on vice city has a major problem It goes top speed in 2 seconds. and its really hard to drive cuz it wobbles like crazy. Do i have to reinstall vice city?
  7. i would do that if i had my own tools to make it
  8. on my GTA San Andreas for PS2,if i get 2 stars,they make road blocks(6 cop car road blocks). What a glitch....or not
  9. busta rhymes-touch it (mega_remix) (feat lloyd banks dmx mary j blige ne-yo papoose rah digga missy elliot) busta rhymes-touch it (mega_remix) (lloyd banks dmx mary j blige ne-yo papoose rah digga missy elliot)
  10. theres one gltich also when you beat "supply lines" for zero,you sometimes fall out of the underworld,i did it by accident (you see all the buildings,but no coloronly grey)
  11. i think they should remake GTA 3 but with all the things you can do in San Andreas(helicopter,dating,bikes,planes,modding cars) that would be cool
  12. in GTA San Andreas i heard that Supply lines is the hardest mission in the game. its not, when you are flying dont hold the gas all the time.let the RC baron glide in open areas and when you kill the last person fly as high as you can so you can glide back to "Zeros shop" Easy
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