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  1. Im still alive! :D but GLS is no more :(

    1. Mike356


      that the stunting clan you had?

    2. Wheelman101


      Was Part of. Great dudes.

  2. Back home from camping, so many cuts,bruises,and random marks on my body

  3. Shit Son my Very Tall Engine Coolant isnt working yo, lost my 50 HP man, gotta get a spoiler .

  4. Happy birthday, i Havent been on here in ages

  5. Happy Bday dude.

  6. i fucking lol'd.

  7. man, back from school dance, 7 grade 9 boys(me incl) and over 20/30 grade 9 girls. fuckin playa tonight.

  8. Merry Christmas Dude, Cheers, have a good one.

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