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  1. Здарова камрады!Как дела в нашей доблестной раша?Узнали?Да этож я-Крабе!Прямиком с упячки!
  2. Carth

    help me

    ^^^Im with stupid ^^^
  3. Carth

    GTA Theme you loved the most.

    Well i voted for LCS,but GTAIII reminds me of gta firstgen,and still it music doesnt want to stay in 90s,it wants to move on,just like showing you how things have changed during these years...And its still working for today.And Gta4 music is also speaks for itslelf,its like screaming(no tribute to the past like before)IM NEW BOSS IN HERE MOVE ON,AND FORGET WHAT WE HAVE BEFORE,YOURE ABOUT TO EXPERIENCE ME,WANT YOU,OR NOT.
  4. Carth

    Space Travel in GTA

    Please keep the game absurd level! Grand theft auto absurd level is 70 from 100. Spoofing on popular culture - 20 Stereotype using- 20 Fictional world- 35 Yoy cant explain what is absurd level,you can only feel it.I mean realism is depends on absurd level.Im afrais that grand theft auto absurd level is too low to fly a space shuttle.Also it is pointless to the game.Yes gta is unrealistic game,but its following its own rules.Also everyone always forgotting what thsi game about-about street thugs and carjackers and reputation.Its all because SA-they overmaxed its realistic level,so for criminal game,it becoming too realistic,and its changes the point of the game.
  5. Carth

    Grand Theft Auto Rock City

    I think that detroit and chicago are too similar to liberty.You see in liberty we saw asphalt jungles,then tropical beach,then desert suburbs.What next?Rockstar will surely make something origina.London i think is perfect game for new revolutionary gta,in many reasons rockstar will choose it one day.But not know.Right now they need to set up already a new gta setting.And i think they can make carcer city,if they will be neded in new universe expansion.
  6. Carth

    Grand theft auto First person shooter?

    Maaan...Look a this game title or this site... GRAND THEFT AUTO!It means you envolved with automobiles in any way,and thats the most stupidest example.This ideas are on the first grade level of school also.If they ever make(doubt it)a fps gta,it will be called hitnrun i suppose,and only as spin off.But the failure of this game is 100% And why the hell anyone gonna need this,if you have gta?You suck man. If you like sandbox fps,play crysis,fallout3,farcry,xenus,stalker:shadow of chernobil.Or at least tekwar.
  7. Carth

    GTA 5 Main Hub

    Now imagine 8 years later gta...It hink that it wont be much better in later years,until they discover they new non-poligonal ray-tracing 3D graphics!That gonna be coole.
  8. Carth

    Cutted ties

    You see,it means that gta universes are now separate:the second one is dead,and it will last only in our memories.Yes they made next generation of gta,they already remade city(for good),but they can at least save the characters and plot!Do you like to play gta4,thinking that all that you played i a LIE?
  9. Gaia = Beta/Alpha just in case you wanted to know about that topic, etc.

  10. Carth

    GTA 5 Main Hub

    This is 4d.Wow,gta will look like that.By the way,that kind of 4d had already appeared in unreal 2 tech.Only waaaaaaay simplier. But under the term "4D" hiding many things. Most notable-the stereo cgi cartoons.But its wrong. The picture above only an illusion,so its not entirely correct too. The most correct answer is time.
  11. Carth

    GTA 5 Main Hub

    According to our teory,4D GTA will allow teenagers play up to unlimited periods of time,because new Rockstar saving system can teleport teengaers to the past,so they can still be in shcool in time! A microsoft LIVE! will be renamed to GETALIFE!
  12. Carth

    Cutted ties

    I noticed that in gta4 rockstar didnt included any references to previous series.In gta3 era there was many cameos,plot development and prequels,so all parts were at one universe.But there is no such thing in gta4!Does it means,that they exist separate?It means,that all our lovely characters of the past came into oblivion?It terrible.Why did they?I mean,gta4 good canonical game,maybe too poppy,but good.But if they force me to choose between second era and third,i will stay in second.How you think?
  13. Carth

    part of the gta3 era?

    I ber say a tribute to gta1 era
  14. Carth

    Suicide(?) Guy

    I tell you one trick.Maybe heres explanation. You gonna need to throw the car in water from a crowded shore.Jump from car in seconds before it fall underwater.Then get hard gun and shoot the car til it explodes.Then if shore WAS crowded,people start to run into that car and whole crowd willl suicide,drowning.