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Status Updates posted by NickS

  1. hey guys, how do i edit posts? if there's supposed to be an "edit" button somewhere on the my posts, i can't find it

    1. Samil


      Button disappears after a while.

    2. NickS


      so that means i can't edit my posts after like an hour or something? jesus, thats one way in getting more postcounts lol

    3. Spaz The Great

      Spaz The Great

      Disappearing edit button is news to me, that is ridiculous... But I think we use to have a bad problem with people saying shit then editing their posts.

  2. which's a good vga card to play gta 4 and other latest games? ATI Radeon HD 5770 or Nvidia Geforce GTS 450? on a budget here! xD

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    2. Damjan


      You need 2x6pin to molex, thats external.

    3. NickS


      k wtf is a 2x6pin to molex? lol is that somethin i really need or is that an addon for some sort? shit when theres a good card i can buy it fuckin needs some shit needed to use the fucker

    4. Damjan


      k wait, what 8800? my ultra needs 2x6pin to molex for power, 1 6pin=75W, and this card uses 175W.make sure you have a good PSU.

  3. wazzap niggaz

    1. Miles Pedro Prower
    2. Samil


      Welcome back warrior. :P

    3. NickS


      @TUN3R i dunno i haven't been playing GTA for quite a while, been bored with it after playing for like 4 years in a row lol but i think i used to play there, i usually connect randomly

      @The rest (tired of typing lol) its good to be back! B)

  4. thx man, its been a while since ive been here, shit happens a lot now

  5. Ur not 21 and u dont live in Jakarta, what a fuckin con man u r!

  6. This fucking World of Warcraft is costing me an arm and a leg here! xD

    1. Gerard


      Play GTA instead!

    2. Samil


      And if GTA costs you an arm and a leg, make sure you make a back up by extracting the arm/leg .dff/.txd from the .img file :D

    3. NickS


      @Gerard, I want to play another online game!

      @Samil, *extracting* alright! I'm gonna have a black arm and leg! xD

  7. Enjoying my last few holiday days (wtf). 10th grade's gonna be hectic with a lotta hot chicks! :D

  8. Just got myself a small monkey today! :D

  9. SCHOOLS FINALLY OVER! hold on, it's gonna start next month! ><

  10. I don't know, maybe I'm wanted or something lol. What? you've got +3! I'm jealous :P

  11. It's great to hear that you have your photoshop back! Just read it today

  12. Happy Birthday man! :)

  13. I don't know but, it was from my post in the

    "what do use the internet for" topic in the lounge subforum.

  14. *PUSH* Damn! Alright, you win xD

  15. looks like we the Enforcers! Who's gonna lead? xD

  16. Thanks man! :)

  17. NickS

    thanks mate! :)

  18. Hey Chris, how's things going? Do you mind heading over to the Raiders private forum later, we need your help

  19. *added!* hehe ^_^

  20. there, gave you a five star hotel, ur I mean rating. :D

  21. W, kapan kembali ke TGTAP? su lama b son lihat lu :)

  22. You really want me to put a border in it?

  23. Hope I do. :D

  24. Damn! I forgot to give you a preview of my new sig! Sorry, just got to excited about it. ^_^

  25. I can see that haha! xD

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