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Status Updates posted by NickS

  1. meh, who cares? :P

  2. Your personal photo looks funny. xD

  3. sorry for the retardness dude-ess :P. I didn't know what were the right words to choose. Please forgive me :,O

  4. You're really a female? How old are you?

  5. Love the game! I've got it but the disc is fucked ha ha. Planning to get the movie, haven't seen it b4. :)

  6. Happy Birthday dude! XD

  7. That Sig is Fuckin Funny!!!

  8. Happy b'day dude!

  9. Hey dude! I've just uploaded a mod! but it's still being approved though. Just wondering what you use to retexture the files?

  10. Well, back to ol' uni again eh?

  11. Hope it doesn't kill you, if it does then I'll might as well get off this site. :D

  12. I didn't really mean it but since you've done it, nevermind. lol :D

  13. Is that heli supposed to be funny since it's got lol and rofl? :D

  14. It ain't that boring so you can delete the word 'boring'. :P

  15. Stuff's good dude!

  16. Hey there wiz kid! :D

  17. I don't really want to leave immediately so, Hi! :D

  18. You look a bit like my sister's boyfriend from that pic you post in the lounge forum place (or whatever) looks cool though!

  19. Yep, Photo Dj is pretty cool

  20. Really? I haven't seen anything bad about you here

  21. Wow, everyone seems to be thanking Mr Noodle here :D

  22. I added you as a friend, is that ok to you???

  23. You definetly look like Indian CJ :D

  24. Never heard of her! Still, she's hot! :)

  25. Can I hav that sig without the stars? :D

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