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  1. RAPTORX22

    PingTest.net [BETA]

    I think it's how long it takes for information to go to the server and back. Jitter is the difference in the amount of ping. That's the easiest way I can explain it. Also if I'm wrong please correct me.
  2. RAPTORX22

    Modern Warfare 2

    lol they all leave the battlefield.
  3. RAPTORX22

    Why do Bullies beat up or pick on people?

    Well in school for the past few weeks I haven't really been bullied but there's this guy who hangs out with my group and keeps making fun me for no reason. Well actually it's everybody in the group.(Yes I'm 13. I go to a middle school.I'm in 8th grade.) A few times we all get a laugh but more than that it's just annoying. My friends already told me that they wanted to ditch him but I don't know what to do. So can anybody here help me before this becomes a real problem?
  4. RAPTORX22

    The Ballad of Gay Tony Vehicles

    Ford GT and Dodge Charger SRT-8 I think. Thats from the top of my head so I'm not sure. Anyone want to confirm?
  5. RAPTORX22

    Memorable Quotes

    Anything the San Fierro police say.
  6. I can see that haha! xD

  7. RAPTORX22

    Three Word Story

    especially assholes who
  8. RAPTORX22

    What is you Favirote gta ?

    Why don't noobs learn that theres massive amounts of these favorite gta game threads? Please stop creating these.
  9. Feel free to use my personal photo. I just love firefox way more than explorer. XD

  10. Your personal photo looks funny. xD

  11. RAPTORX22

    Your Favorite GTA?

    San Andreas hands down for me.
  12. Alright so today I went to a swapmeet and I saw San Andreas for 3 bucks. So I thought "Wow what a steal". So I ask the seller to see it and it's in perfect condition. But time ran out so I had to go back home. So I ask the seller "Are you going to be here tomorrow?" He said yes. But I want to know from you guys. Should I get this or not? I mean it's good and all but I don't know if I should get it. So let me know what you guys think.
  13. RAPTORX22

    Happy birthday Nate!

    Happy B-day dude. Hope you have a great time and I wish you another year of life. lol
  14. RAPTORX22

    Three Word Story

    the book of
  15. Wow that's sad. I'm christian but my mom took me to the hospital when I was dehydrated. If I arrived any later than when I got there then I would've been dead. (This happened when I was 6.)