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  1. forgot abut his account. D:

  2. EvilHomer198

    Does ANY one knows how to edit the sound of cars in vice city?

    I found the tool you are looking for in the downloads database. Click me
  3. EvilHomer198

    Amphibious Assault mission

    If you're getting a cutscene with Woozie beating Carl at videogames, you need to improve your Lung Capacity by swimming underwater.
  4. EvilHomer198

    VC vs. VCS

    I liked VC more. VCS adds a lot of stuff to do after finishing the game. In VC you don't get to do much stuff after completing the game, but It still is my favorite GTA. Although VCS had a graphical improvement, It was still dissapointing. The storyline wasn't as good as the original VC, and it had few missions. I would have forgiven that, but they were too damn easy, specially after you get the minigun. But the game was cheap, and fun for a while. Also I always hated that you start on the Little Havana island, instead of the Washington Beach island.
  5. EvilHomer198

    Best character Of Gta San Andreas

    You should have listed The Truth. He made me laugh when you try to do the mission Black Project while you're fat. I voted for Ryder though. During the first missions, he's hilarous. Then he becomes annoying,
  6. wahtzz you do with regular homer!!!1111!!!1!


    Hey there.:P

  7. EvilHomer198

    White Wheels

    Download The Vice City Mod Manager here. It comes with an automatic installation of the DMagic1's Wheel mod. You can also use this to install more cars in the future.
  8. Welcome to the forums!

  9. EvilHomer198

    What do you like GTA 3 era or GTa 4 era

    IMO this should be in General GTA Chat. If we talk about the storyline, I'll stick to the GTA 4 era. I like the fact that they wiped out all the characters and stuff and started a brand new storyline. I still haven't played GTA IV yet, so I can't judge the gameplay.
  10. EvilHomer198

    White Wheels

    Have you installed DMagic1's Wheel Mod? You must install it before ever trying to mod a car.
  11. Hello fellow chilean! :D

  12. EvilHomer198

    HOW DO I USE ViceTXD?!?!

    ViceTXD never worked for me. Use TXD Workshop instead.
  13. EvilHomer198

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hello all I just joined. I already read the rules, so I know what to do and what not.