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  1. Nah man, I honestly have no idea. I didn't even know those words you said :P. I want to learn, though, and probably will eventually.

  2. rockstarrem

    Happy New Year!

    It's all good, bro. I really hope RDR for PC is announced soon as well, along with GTA V, along with Max Payne 3 release date etc etc .
  3. rockstarrem

    Happy New Year!

    Agree with that! Happy new year everybody!
  4. Oh, alright man. Hope shit works out. If you wanna talk, just PM me.

  5. Haha, yeah man I play. I'm surprised you remember that, I think it was two years ago. I haven't actually tried that tuning, I usually either play in standard or flat. Kinda lame I guess haha, but I suck. I'm getting a lot better now, though, that I'm actually trying.

  6. Hi xRowLo, welcome to the forum . Could you please follow these steps so I can try and help you further?: 1. Hold the windows key + R down, sort of like if you were doing CTRL + ALT + DEL, but switching it with the windows key and R. This should bring up the Run window. 2. Type in "dxdiag" and hit enter. 3. Select "Yes" if a window pops up. 4. Click "Save All Information". Save the text file somewhere, open it up, and copy the contents of it to http://pastebin.com/ . Send us the link to the Pastebin. I'll be waiting for your response .
  7. I noticed right away when you changed your member title, clever shit :P.

  8. What's up man? You're never on AIM anymore. Hope shits going well.

  9. rockstarrem

    Rebuild TGTAP

    You know what, I'm going to completely agree. Mistakes were made in the past, including mistakes made by myself. I can honestly say, though, at this time I think we're all well experienced enough to handle all sorts of situations without getting emotionally involved in them. That is our duty as staff. You might be wondering if we need a different type of staff than what we have now. My answer would be no. I feel that all of us on the present staff team are experienced enough to handle situations with dignity and respect, in any case. Of course, if someone is blatantly breaking the rules and it seems that this someone is obviously doing it on purpose, then we may be a little more aggressive in our treatment. I feel that this is necessary, though. I think it's definitely a possibility that the old staff partially caused the inactivity, but I can't say that was the only reason. As I said before, there's no GTA news. This is a huge problem for this website. However, there are plenty of other factors that haven't been discovered yet and we are doing our best in trying to figure out how we can make this site more beneficial for you. This is what this topic is for. So, please, speak your minds. There are no judgements. In any case, you do not need to feel uncomfortable messaging one of the admins (Gerard) if you feel there is a problem with a moderator or any other type of staff. I can assure you he takes these concerns very seriously and will do his best to resolve it in a peaceful manner. Hopefully, though, this will not need to happen anymore. I'm almost positive it won't.
  10. rockstarrem

    Best Game of 2010

    I haven't played any 2010 games except Black Ops and Red Dead Redemption, but I think if I did I would still consider these my favorites. They're just so epic.
  11. rockstarrem

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Yeah, that's gonna happen. It says on your profile that you're 13, that was such a weird age for gifts for me... I got a Toy Story skateboard from someone. I don't skate, and I wasn't into Toy Story.
  12. rockstarrem

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Merry Christmas everybody. Hope you guys enjoy your day. I know I am so far .
  13. rockstarrem

    Rebuild TGTAP

    I don't think switching to an outdated version of IPB will help the community be active again. I feel it has a lot to do with Rockstar and GTA V news, seeing as that's what this sites purpose is - to unite fans of the game. Sadly, there isn't that much to talk about regarding GTA at this point in time, nothing new is happening. I suppose starting up the MTA server again and focusing on that more could definitely work, but I've learned that my strong point isn't coding, and in order for the server to succeed we need something that's unlike the rest of the servers, and we don't really have the resources available to code a new game mode. If we did, I could think of a lot of ideas, but implementing them is the problem. I don't see much more we can really do beyond that, at least if we're making a big change. It's not really our fault - as I said before, it really depends on Rockstar and the news on the next GTA. I'll shut up now :/.
  14. rockstarrem

    Paranormal Activities 2

    Did you really find the first one scary? I thought it was one of the most over-hyped films I had ever seen. I wasn't scared at all. With that being said, this looks a lot better. The dog and the baby might make a huge difference.
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    Happy birthday Chris .
  16. rockstarrem

    Have you been banned on another forum?

    So, this is when a mod comes in and says chill the fuck out. So, chill the fuck out .
  17. rockstarrem


    It's impossible to be more excited for Dexter's lab over Dexter. This show is epic.
  18. Getting in trouble irl. How are you?

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    This thread completes the internet.
  20. On my own, here we go...

  21. rockstarrem

    Moving out / going to be very inactive

    He found a VAGINA.
  22. rockstarrem

    need original player.img!

    Sorry, no. We cannot distribute files that are copyrighted by Rockstar Games. Please uninstall the game, delete the San Andreas directory and reinstall the game. You should be fine.
  23. rockstarrem

    Moving out / going to be very inactive

    LOL you actually moved to New Mexico. That's awesome dude, hope your having fun etc. I got a new phone number so I'll PM you it etc.