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  1. Hi Guyz How R U Have you ever go to a journey or Tour any where if yes share your remember able Pics of your Journey with other members upload your most favorite Journey pics Right Here Mine favorite Journey was when i went to "Pakistan" with my Dad to Meet My Dad's Old Friend i visited the Northern areas of "Pakistan" Very Beautiful Places i live 2 months in Pakistan here are the pics which i captured and these are my favorite and there is none fof these my own pic these are all most Beautiful Nature Pics Which i Captured @Chris, Super Mods ,Mods] this Topic Should Be Pinned what you think PIC of a river inside The mountains Pic of a water flow Pic Of Muree Valley Pic of Lalazar Valley Mountain near the Kargel Valley i will Update more these are some because i now must upload pics from my camera to my computer i will upload here tonight
  2. Hi Guys How R u Welcome To My Profile Page am i pretty?

  3. Man After Your Death You WILL HAVE to answer Before "Allah Almighty"Who created whole Universe and Planets because if he has the powers to create you so he has also the powers to Recreate You After Your Death And If you obeyed his Orders In During Life He will Enter You In Heaven and If you Didn't Obeyed his Orders During In Life You will Be enter in Hell where will be the Burning Fire Which is 100 Times Heavier then Our Normal Fire And Islam Is Not ONLY For Muslims But it is for all Humanity Becase It Is Allah's Last Religion which HE Sent Humans You Should Read About Islam and Then You Will Realize If Whole World Accept Islam The There Will Be Peace And HAPPINESS I'm Not A Recruiter Of Islam i just Give You Message Your Own Religion and Our own
  4. @Ivan and Bear man it is Forbidden in Islam that an [/b]Unmarried[/b] Girl meet with Boys who isn't his Relative or Who Isn't his Husband and making Boyfriend and Girlfriend is Totally Forbidden so a Unmarried Girl Or Boy Can't live with boy or Girl Respectively and Sex and Adultery IS TOTALLY FORBIDDEN I'm a Muslim I haven't Any Girl Friend and i think it s right and Allah Almighty Forbid this For Whole World Not Muslims BECAUSE ISLAM IS THE RELIGION FOR WHOLE HUMANITY NOT ONLY FOR MUSLIM
  5. @Bear i disagree With You Can't Say The Jesus Was Son of God Think what R U Saying ALLAH ALMIGHTY Has No Son ,No Daughter, No Wife, He has No Father ,No Mother , and Not and Relative HE IS ALONE HE CREATED ALL And the Jesus Was Only A Prophet Of ALLAH ALMIGHTY and He wasn't Died He will Come Back To Earth You Should Read "Holy Quran" and i Challenge that show me the ONLY one Verse of "Bible" where Jesus says that he is the Son Of God only one Verse From Ancient "Bible" because Today's "Bible" is Changed A Lot
  6. He's not takin over me! I've got Jesus right beside me...oh wait, he's gone 2 milleniums ago. Oh well, it was nice knowing you all @warrior13 :lolbounce: ha ha ha Jesus has no importance before ALLAH ALMIGHTY Because Allah Also Create Jesus and He Was Just only the Prophet Of ALLAH ALMIGHTY CREATED JESUS and he was sent to give message of ALLAH ALMIGHTY Jesus don't have any powers Himself we the Muslims Also Very Respect The Holy Jesus Because if any one don't respect him and he do not admit that the Jesus Was Not The Prophet Of Allah He isn't Muslim and I Think You Don't Read Your Holy Bible In The Bible there is no verse and line where Jesus Says That He Is God SO MAN THINK BEFORE POST
  7. As I'm A Strict Muslim So I'm Against the Gay Marriage Because It is Forbidden in Islam and Allah Forbid Us To do And Just Follow ALLAH's Order
  8. Mine Favorite Songs Are Mama Africa Akon I Wanna Fuck You Akon I Smell Pussy 50-Cent Against The Grain Akon Fast&Furious Tokyo Drift My Favorite Singers Are Akon 50-Cent Micheal Jackson Britney Spears Sean Paul :clapping:
  9. Exactly What i was saying thank you "ToonSkull" for gving this simpl and very good example @Ivan man i'm just saying that that the terrorist and lot of our muslims aren't the good example of Islam if you want to know about Islam you research in Prophet Muhummed(SAW) Life because he is the right Model Of islam we the muslim Unfortunately do not follow rightly the rules of islam there are no words in Our Holy Book "Quran " that killing innocent people is right and you mentioned about News on TV Man Media is the Production of USA not our Muslims And USA And Israel is Against The Muslims You are saying that Muslims are killing innocent peoples but i think you don't know about "Philistine" a muslim contry in Middle East The Israel occupied Forcely on it you don't know because no news of this comes to TV because they are Jews Not Muslims Israelis killing innocent peoples and Childs Is That Right and they are Rapping Muslim women and Girls Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh OH MY God is that Right have you ever seen at least one News on TV :pissedred:
  10. Sure, that's why a lot of their followers kill innocent people everyday. Are you stupid ? The people who kill innocent people are terrorists not its followers ! Just like your Holy Book Bible, we too have a Holy Book called Quran. Its clearly written in that killing innocent people is totally against Islam and God will never forgive them ! So think before posting ! @SpazTheGreat: First things first.Spaz thanks for supporting me ! @Connor: Lol by saying that I didn't mean that there is only one religion and/or respect only one religion. I respect all the religions in the world the same as mine. In fact, many people around the world agree that there is only one God.Only the way of worshipping God is different.I also do believe in people who do not believe in God ! Sure, that's why a lot of their followers kill innocent people everyday. Are you stupid ? The people who kill innocent people are terrorists not its followers ! Just like your Holy Book Bible, we too have a Holy Book called Quran. Its clearly written in that killing innocent people is totally against Islam and God will never forgive them ! So think before posting ! hmm... but according to a terrorist muslim group in my country who fights the government, their fight against the Philippine government is a jihad or holy war.... they kill innocent people yet they think it is right. I think extremists need a better understanding in their religion's teachings Eazy No, I am not stupid and you're the one who should think before posting, how do you even know I am Christian? Because I'm not. And you are right about there being terrorists but there are also many extremists that kill people in the name of God and that is a fact. Now we should get back on topic. I'm not a big fan of religion, I do believe that there is someone like God out there, I just don't believe we know of his existence yet. Both of You Calm Down eazy is right connor you are stupid you cant say bullshit to any one on his religion i'm also a strict Muslim And For me Islam is only the religion i only believe in Islam and yeah islam is greatest and Allah is greatest for me @Ivan you are saying us a terrorist we aren't a terrorist you are all terrorist get out from here you don't have the authority to say any one terrorist if you don't have any proof if you sa us terrorist then prove it and killing the innocent peoples is against Islam if any one killes any innocent peoples then he is not a muslim because a true muslim Loves the peoples not he killes them i think you don't even know about Islam you have to research about islam after surely you will know that the islam is greatest "So please if you Don't Know About Islam Don't Talk About Islam without any Research " hope you understand if you say next time that muslims are killing innocent peoples i wold like to request admins then please ban them now they should Sorry to us Because they hurted all muslims
  11. Why The Gtaforums aren't working any hint what happened with site i try to open but an error comes is Gta Forums gone :whistle:
  12. Very Very Nice Tutorial it really helped me thank you very much :thumbsup:
  13. As I'm A Muslim So I believe in God but not God I believe In "ALLAH" who created this earth and human and every Thing and after all he created all of Universe
  14. I choose Smoke Because He is my Favorite Character
  15. Man But what should i do because MTA SA runs very Slow on My Computer so i download Sa Mp because it run s smoothly is there any idea so i can improve my MTA SA speed
  16. Is there any GTA Place server FOR Sa Mp where we can play GTA SA is there any please give link
  17. Unbelievable She is just fooling her Mother I think ha ha ha naughty girl
  18. i will say Ronaldo From AC MILAN and his national team is Brazil he is awesome player of football and after Ronaldo The best Football player i think is KAKA he is Good Play maker and he plays awesomely in Every match so my favorite players atre these two
  19. I think you should reinstall your GTA SA and then reintall Sa-Mp to GTA SA directory hope it will be fix try this method
  20. hey guys i just joined this GTA Community Hope we will have great time
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