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Status Updates posted by Artur

  1. shut up woman get on my horse!

  2. Haha nice status dude, room for 1 more in 2 years?

  3. haha yes it is, glad to know another fan of it. saw it for the first time a few months ago high out of my mind and it was awesome. plan to read the book sometime soon when i get my hands on it

  4. hahaha yeah its cool how both me and you ended up doing the same thing xD

  5. haha yeah its funny how that turned out

  6. he like 6 or so. yeah he gets a little annoying sometimes but money is always good. anyways im leaving on vacation pretty soon, going to this place close by where u can go boating, tubing, wakeboarding, swimming obviously and other stuff. you go anywhere this summer?

  7. :o hahaha *runs away and never comes back* sooo yeah im stuck on weekdays babysitting my bro but i get paid easy money sooo whatever :D
  8. haha in trouble with what? :P and dude my bad totally missed ur bday, sooo happy belated man. ive just been busy, not around the forums alot.

  9. hey man, not bad just enjoying the summer and stuff, what about you? get a 360 yet :P

  10. rofl good to see ya around too man, guess ill talk to u around the site

  11. omg i knoww, sooooooo many good parts, a couple of my friends didnt like it for some reason though :S

    whatever but yeah i've been good u?

  12. ahaha thanks man, wish i had some of those brownies :P

  13. thanks man, yeah i love rock/metal u?

  14. ROFL yeah, i stopped at ruby and saphire and emerald but only started cuz i got a free game from this girl XD but never going back... i swear 8-)

  15. wazzzzzzzzzzzup spaz? :P

  16. ROFLMAO u serious? well a couple people did at my school but i never did :P

  17. hey man, i'm pretty good. what's up with u?

  18. Ahahaha, ur older than me :P but then agian probably a bit taller so that makes sense XD

  19. Hey Nate, it's been pretty good. What's up with you?

  20. Haha, we'll see, we'll see.

  21. But really I'm 13.

  22. Hey Rashon, I'm 13 not any older! :P Jokes.

  23. Hey Tec, did you get a new 360 since your old one fried?

  24. Hey Chris, hope you get your "Dream PC" soon! :P

  25. Hey Chrisman, hope you have fun vacationing. Get back soon, we'll need you for the gang wars.

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