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  1. I love Vice City too and I also want a new city but like you said it would be too small and all that stuff. But I think Vice City is a great idea, plus it could be set like 10 years later or something like that so a couple of things would change. Rockstar could really put some neat changes in there and even though I do not own a PSP, (I am hoping for both LCS and the new PSP game will come to X Box as well as PS2) I am very excited about this new game and how it will turn out. I think Vice City would be great!
  2. My favourites are Knife,Dessert Eagle, M4, and the MINIGUN!!!
  3. I would be hoping they would release it for PC but my computer sucks and is like wat 6 years old. I dont have a PS2 but I have an X Box and hoping they will make an xbox version (it kind of sucks when they make a ps2 version or a GTA game its takes atleast a year to make the xbox one, why don't they just make them at the same time but i guess it would take a longer time, ill stop talking now lol)
  4. I have to agree with you and all the other tommy vercetti fans! Tommy is just one physcho killer druglord, funny guy thats just one badass!!!
  5. yeah they are awesome and kick serious @$$! now you want to make some for the classic GTA's? lol just joking. but really I like how they are all unique from each other and all the stuff blends in well.
  6. oh man i shouldn't have killed that b*tch! lol oh watever what's done is done but thanks for replying guys!
  7. well i tried that and i did all ten but all i got was the joy of prostitutes paying you to have sex with them. but i did not get the pimp suit. is that how you got it? well anway thanx for trying to help
  8. I have looked all over the internet for this but i still can't find it. when i was dating denise i got bored so i killed her and i only discovered about acquiring the pimp suit maybe like a week later.now on some sites they say you can get it after you kill her but i couldnt find how.so now I am asking if anyone knows about this, if somebody has already posted about this i am sorry but can someone please help me?
  9. my favourite car from all all 3 games is cheetah. it's fast, sexy and has great handling!
  10. I picked CJ because like everyone said in the beginning he's skinny, his lips are huge and let's just admit it, he looks pretty UGLY!
  11. Yeah I have to agree with everyone here NRG-500 friggin' ROCKS!!! its fast its light and did i forget its freakin fast?!!
  12. My CJ has: Haircut: Cornrows Hat: Black pointing to the side Shades: Black Rag over mouth Chain: Silver Torso:Black Windbreaker Legs: Blue Jeans Shoes: Mid-Top Sneakers from pro laps I think mine looks pretty cool and everyone's I have read about are also cool and creative! sorry for posting again but i forgot about Watch: Gold Crowex Tattooos: Everywhere! and that's it sorry again for posting again lol oh never mind I'm new about here and i didn't know that if you reply after your self then it justs adds on!
  13. awesome cars man! although i agree that the graphics are a bit poor on some of them but good job!
  14. i like both CJ and Tommy Vercetti (fido is not even in this for me since he says basically nothing) but I have to go with Tommy. I just like physcho drug lords better than gangsters lol
  15. yeah i agree, the whole gangsters theme was a new expierience but i like mafia because they kick ass!!!
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