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  1. Hi this is my first real big mod I am making and what I am doing is that I am taking almost all the audio files of some random object noises such as beeper, bridge noise, car horns, etc. But mostly I am going to be editing the sounds of the peds and replacing their audio with mine and my friends. But in my trials of trying to mod them i notice that when i replace an audio file with on of my own I have to make my audio file the same length as the original, but I have come across many problems where as for example I tried to replace the noise of the pay phone's ringer. When I did it was constantly playing over it self and starting randomly again as it was already ringing and overlapping and in an entirely different pitch and tone than it originally was. So any helped would be appreciated with this mod. Thanks
  2. No i thought the game was supposed to take place in 1992 just because it was a year after GTASA which took place in 1991
  3. Omg i can't stand it, Every other video someone on puts up on this website is removed on youtube, whether it be because of the user that posted it on youtube or the violation crap.
  4. In my old copy of GTA 3 for ps2 on Staunton Island on the way to Shoreside Vale the suspension bridge when it goes up the cars would just keep driving and float over but when I did it I would just fall.
  5. "Hey get in the back ahhhhh" "Yep I've been drinkin again" "in the navy" and anything the chopper pilot says lol
  6. Well I know after he left SA him and Catalina went on a crime spree until they hit Liberty City
  7. Still killing children not killing children, I think you should be able to just for the fact that the game was supposed to make you feel free and just because of 9/11 we shouldn't loose freedoms in a VIDEOGAME. Now I could understand if Liberty City looked somewhat like NYC but it doesn't and I could understand if Liberty City was called NYC but it's not.
  8. My favorite is Staunton Island My least Favorite is Shoreside Vale
  9. A mod where all the GTA gangs from all the GTA's all have a huge brawl in the town in GTA SA all the way at the top left
  10. a seconds.................well i just drove off the side of the runway into the water
  11. The fact that they took so much stuff out of the game that was in the demo. Darkel, some vehicles, school, full winged Dodo, graphics ( the shading on everything), etc
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