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  1. LVD Originial

    If you were given a chance to name the next GTA,

    This ^^
  2. LVD Originial

    120 dollars and so many games...

    Well I decided on a butterfly knife,Crack down and Assassin's Creed 2
  3. LVD Originial

    Niko Bellic vs Johnny Klebitz vs Luis Lopez

    Excellent video,very epic and makes me want to play the games again,I applaud you on your skillful job
  4. LVD Originial

    120 dollars and so many games...

    Beat Fallout 3 about...6 times and the 2 DLCs Broken Steel and some one based in maryland idk what its called but it is a fun game I got it like 2 years ago for christmas
  5. LVD Originial

    120 dollars and so many games...

    Thank you for all the help,I'm thinking maybe AC2 Crackdown and some other cheap game to be on the safe side since I hear nothing but good things about them
  6. LVD Originial

    120 dollars and so many games...

    Right,so I am getting 200 dollars and I am going to save 50 (making it 150) and spend 30 on Assassin's Creed (making it 120) and I need some opinions on some really good open world 360 games to get,and I need help now! (Before anyone says I have all the DLC for GTA 4 and beat it,so anymore ideas is good) Please give me a list
  7. LVD Originial

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    More cars More guns Being able to bring stuff to your safe house Better friend system Being able to buy new phones hair cuts and more clothes customizing cars More melee weapons Better fire system Being able to shoot out a windshield Ability to break NPCs arms,legs,etc. Possible to learn more fighting moves Buying places to cut up/sell drugs (you stand on a corner long enough and people can pull up and ask for drugs,you can hit a button to give it to them or not,it could be a cop,a stick up man,or a rival gang member that will shoot at you) This is my biggest one here Bring BACK THE EMPIRE MODE FROM GTA:VCS
  8. LVD Originial

    whatever happend to Tommy Vercetti?

    My guess is that after a long reign in Vice City he dies of natural causes just before the events of GTA 5 which could possibly set up a story where you have to help settle the feuding gangs in a drug war or some shit,I know its unlikely but I would like to think he is going to at least be mentioned one last time
  9. LVD Originial

    No interest in this game? *spoilers*

    Luis can change his clothes in this game EDIT: Fuck sorry for the bump didn't see the date
  10. LVD Originial

    Fallout: New Vegas

    Fallout 3 for me was quite an enjoyable game,I liked the story a fair amount and the two DLCs i got (Broken steal and the one in Maryland can't recall the name) added nicely to the story and though short was a fun thing to play,I liked fallout 3 and I expect a fair story with this new one
  11. LVD Originial

    Eminem - Relapse

    One word,ew...