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  1. True, there are the U.S. Bank Tower, the Mt. Chiliad, and the Big Pointy Building. This time I won't forget to ask, ok? xD Q: The Lil' Probe Inn is a parody of what real life bar/inn?
  2. Nup, San Andreas have also appeared twice. The first time in GTA 1, as a San Francisco-based city, and on SA, as a Nevada and California-based state.
  3. Don't you know the Epsilon's Website ? It's http://www.epsilonprogram.com/
  4. False, you start wiht $350. And no, it'll vanish after the mission, no matter you complete or fail (Altrough if you kill yourself, jus after the garage close, it'll stay there.).
  5. There are a Bandito, a Sanchez and a Quad. If you put the SWAT Tank of 'End of the Line' in the garage (after destroying the wall) and complete/fail the mission, will it stay in the garage or will it disappear?
  6. To use a plane and deliver a package at Angel Pine without being detected by the radar. Cluckin' Bell is a parody of what food chain?
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