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  1. It's over... again... Damned Dunga!

  2. True. Complete the sentence: C____ _o_, B___l__, __R__ __U! HINT: Zero's favorite quote.
  3. I'm really far from the 600th post, I don't even have 70 posts! A: "What Kind of license did you got? Fishing license?" Q: What's the internal name for the wrecked Glendale?
  4. You're wrong. In that mission you CAN'T use the 1st-person camera as the guy is on the car's windshield. A: F, I looked at the code but nuthin. Q: Who's the guy that you must scare also in the mission "Fender Ketchup"?
  5. I'm making a Flash video now... My first one =D

  6. F*cked keyboard...

  7. You're welcome Samil. A: It's a white Feltzer. [T/] Also in the mission "Fender Ketchup", you can't use the first-person view from the car.
  8. @JessVida Dos Google Translator ave an Trollish-English feature?

  9. Try opening the "Settings.ini" file in the folder "GTA_IV_HUD" and changing the line "CheckExeVersion=1" to "CheckExeVersion=0" and it should work. But, where did you buy your game? If bought from a store recently, then you need the downgrader. If you bought from Steam or D2D, then you can't really use it or mod by anyway.
  10. Did you say "Happy Birthday" to Samil? Maccer: Ooh, you fuckin' twat! Right in the fucking happy sack! Q: In what mission does a Love Fist poster appears? HINT: It's a Las Venturas mission.
  11. Hey pal, happy birthday!

  12. I think no one did... Now I'll ask: How the fuck did you find that, Mark?
  13. Said everything, MK, everything...

  14. Can you tell me what the hell is that???? I think I won't even sleep today 'cause of that...
  15. After the mission "Deconstruction". [T/F] After the mission "Vertical Bird", the S.A.M. in Easter Basin Naval Station is disabled.
  16. First France, Italy, USA and now Germany or England... If things keep going like this, I won't be surprised if the last match be Ghana vs. Paraguay...
  17. @Samil I looked at Google and you're wrong, Truth's name is actually February July lol; F, he's killed in the mission "High Noon". Q: When does the heavy weapons (Rocket Launcher, Heat-Seek Rl, Flamethrower and Minigun) become available at Toreno's ranch?
  18. I'm scared... I saw the BSOD yesterday night... It's all fault of this f*cked new hard disk!!!

  19. ROFLed in Samil's answer... F, but there's an oyster in the pool outside. Q: Where can you find all the four dildos?
  20. You're wrong. Hernandez actually killed him, but only after Tenpenny threatened his life. Well, I think it's a Zebra Cab Taxi. [T/F] The Truth's real name is August.
  21. A: Ryder, in the mission "Reuniting the Families". Haven't answered my question, so it's still on: [T/F] James Wood dubbed Mike Toreno. Ok, now I'm wrong. Next question: [T/F] Tenpenny killed Ralph Pendelbury
  22. Well, originally Rifas were a major gang, like Ballas or Vagos (you could take their turfs and spray their tags), but later they were turned into a minor one. A: Die you little glass Balla fool! (From mission Nines and AK's) [T/F] James Woods dubbed Mike Toreno.
  23. Calm down man!!! Triple post??!!! Whatever, can you see that "edit" button near your post? Use it to edit your post instead of double or triple posting, ok?
  24. T: Yup, it does. [T/F] Tommy is mentioned during a mission at Las Venturas.
  25. Did you look at the video? A: Yup, with Millie. Whatever, you are wrong, according to Lazlow, during the interview with Chris Formage, WCTR IS owned by Ammu-Nation. [T/F] Phil Cassidy is mentioned in one of Toreno's missions.
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