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  1. Don't you know what "Cala Boca Galvão" means? Take a look at .What the f*ck did you think? I'm the only who can make impossible questions . Whatever, is it the snapshot at Gant Bridge? Just guessing xD. Whatever, let's go to the question... [T/F]the West Coast Talk Radio is owned by Ammu-Nation.
  2. CALA BOCA GALVÃO!!! A: At Bayside Marina! Q: What's Mike Toreno's car's numberplate?
  3. OMFG! Cala boca Galvão is on The NY Times! Good to see people wants to save that rare Brazillian bird xD

  4. I think you should make a poll in this topic... Whatever, my favorites are K-DST, K-Rose and WCTR.
  5. LOL, that sprite was made when I was 10... But now I'm lazy to make a new one, so I still use that :P

  6. Of course I am supporting Brazil, I don't like soccer THAT much, but in the World Cup the country literally stops to watch the Brazil games... Let's go to the 6th win! Althrough I don't think Brazil'll go too far with that shitty team Dunga got...
  7. A: He steals a green Pizzaboy. Q: What's the name of the car that has the numberplate "GOLD"?
  8. Glad to know that . A: After the mission "Saint Mark's Bistro". Q: How did Toreno survive from the explosion in the mission "Toreno's Last Flight"?
  9. Congratulations! You've bumped a 6 month old topic! And Double-Posted!
  10. I think Samil ran away from the battle... A: False, It's played on Radio X. Whatever, answer is B, look at here. [T/F]: The Flash spawns at Wang Cars after a certain mission.
  11. It lets you enter the black hell I think... Well, I can't believe no one here watched "The Introduction" , anyway, according to Mike Toreno in it, Smoke's gonna buy about 100kg per month. Toreno: "I think I got us a buyer down in Los Santos." Mendez: "Por quanto, holmes? How much?" Toreno: "Not sure, yet. But they're talking big. Up to a hundred K's a month, low risk." Anyway, I'll ask again! Q: What's the name of Cluckin' Bell's mascot? A) Cock a Doodle Cluck Norris C)Joe the Cluck
  12. Which one? The "blue-painted Tails" or this one?

  13. THat's it, WRX, you said everything.
  14. Hey, Studio M-LTD, you really like bumping old topics, right?
  15. I think I should also move to India... Here games are about $250 on releasing and $60 after that . That's why I don't have a PS3 or Xbox 360...
  16. I think this isn't the topic for asking for savegames... By gosh! Studio M-LTD, you bumped a 6 month old topic Whatever, my favorite is also the Triads, because thy use good guns, good cars, and wear black.
  17. I think abeer's section should be called "The guy with the broken CAPS LOCK" xD

  18. I'm listening to my "Independence FM" playlist. The music playing now is "Vai Wilson Vai" - Mc Grizante.
  19. O meu GTA favorito é o Vice City, não faço a mínima idéia de porque, mas é ele .
  20. OMFDSG!!! You bumped a three years old topic!
  21. Great! I can finally spawn a Hunter in LCS !
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