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  1. Well, the correct answer is that the spawned Rancher is not the normal one, but a Rancher with dark glasses, originally meant to be used in the mission "Lure", and internally called "RNCHLURE". A: I have no idea, always thought Wheel Arch modded all cars. A: Sultan, Stratum, Elegy, Jester, Flash and Uranus. Q: What does happen in the mission "Madd Dogg" if you've cheated more than 200 times since the beginning of the game?
  2. False, only in the mission "Life's a Beach". Q: Why does the Rancher spawned by cheats can't be modded at any Mod Garages?
  3. GTA San Andreas is really buggy. I've taken all the Varrios' turfs yesterday... But as soon as I reloaded the game they were gone... =(. I think it's F, I've only saw a Nevada, but not an Andromada. [T/F] The SFPD HQ's interior can be reached through the Hidden Interiors Universe.
  4. Well, the .308 was actually meant to appear, but they later dropped it and added that screwed cowboy rifle. A: Santa Maria Beach. [T/F] There are seven bodies in the Mass Grave in the Devil's Castle.
  5. False, althrough it was meant to appear (it's name is in the 'traffic-about' internal files). [T/F] The .308 Sniper Rifle was originally meant to appear in the game.
  6. Lol, this started as a discussion about a funny random video and now it's a discussion about racism o.O().
  7. Well, I haven't seen the grenade in LSPD, but whatever... F, you can find it in the LV Airport. Q: What magazines and books does CJ read? HINT: Johnson House
  8. Thanks, man! F, only 9mm. [T/F] GTA San Andreas uses the same engine as III and Vice City, but a few modified.
  9. Happy birthday to me!!! o.O()

  10. lol, happy birthday... to me xD! A: I think he'll answer the pistols. [T/F] Rosenberg's parrot (Tony) is actually a "Red-And-Green Macaw" (Ara chloropterus).
  11. You're actually right: Nothing, nothing more than nothing. County General Hospital - Sniper Rifle Grove Street [3] - Pistol, Tec-9 and Brass Knuckle Jefferson's Motel - SMG Snake Farm - Knife Easter Bay Airport - Heat-Seeking RL Verdant Meadows - Micro Uzi Las Venturas International [2] - Rocket Launcher and Tear Gas Q: what are all the missions that involve stealthing?
  12. Congrats Spain!

    1. Samil


      Come on, Pedro! Everyone knew Spain was gonna win!

    2. Alvas.


      really? it was a tough match, for one moment I thought holland might win.

    3. Miles Pedro Prower

      Miles Pedro Prower

      After Brazil came out, I started supporting Spain.

  13. Oh, I forgot to say the mission is "Vertical Bird". F, there's only the bribe. Q: What does Carl got for reaching 100% with Millie?
  14. A1: Dunno, maybe "Asshole: How I Got Rich and Happy by Not Giving a Shit About You"... That book is just like CJ... or maybe Smoke, whatever... A2: The "heavy" weapons: Rocket Launcher, Flamethrower, Minigun and Heat-Seeking RL. Q: After what mission do the Freight missions become available?
  15. Man, stop that... PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAASEE????!!! A: "I'm hot, like fire, All nighter, All righter!" Q: What's the name of the hidden RC car?
  16. Well,you asked for the cars, but I've got all the vehicles: Alpha Buffalo Bullet Euros HotKnife Super GT Turismo ZR-350 Huntley Picador Sadler Sadlshit Yosemite Blade Broadway Remington Savanna Slamvan Tahoma (understood the joke?) Tornado Elegy Flash Sultan Uranus Stratum Berkley's RC Van Hotdog Newsvan "Boxburg" Cement Truck Combine Harvester DFT30 Dozer Dumper Flatbed Linerunner Packer RoadTrain Tanker Tractor Bravura Buccaneer Cadrona Clover Club Esperanto Feltzer Fortune Majestic Hustler Previon Tampa Windsor Elegant Emperor "Glenshit" Intruder Merit Nebula Premier Primo Solair Stafford Sunrise Vincent Willard Brown Streak Forklift Freight Sweeper Tow Truck Tug Tram Utility Van Bandito Dune Journey Kart Monster Truck Mower Quad Vortex Cargobob FBI Truck HPV-1000 Hydra Launch SWAT Tank Andromada AT-400 Beagle Cropduster Nevada Rustler Shamal Stunt Plane Leviathan News Chopper Raindance Bike BF-400 BMX FCR-900 Mountain Bike NRG-500 Wayfarer RC Cam It was pain in ass, man... Now I'll ask: What vehicles from San Andreas have been used in later games?
  17. These are they: They Crawled From Uranus Duality Go Go Space Monkey Let's Get Ready to Bumble [T/F] Kent Paul spent 30,000 pounds in order to turn into Maccer's (or the Gurning Chimp's) manager.
  18. I think it's T. Well, as far as I know you're right. Q: What mission has the name insired in an earlier R* (DMA Design) game?
  19. Prick... xD! "I'm a well dressed maniac, fool!" Q: Tell in what missions do two or more characters from earlier GTAs (3 and Vice City) appear.
  20. F, the player can only drink Sprunk and another one, I think it's Soda but not sure). [T/F] Maccer found the Gurning Chimps 3 months after the game's events.
  21. Please, stop doing that!! "Get carjacked, or get a beatin'. Easy choice, huh" [T/F] Sage, from Radio X mentions Love Fist during the game.
  22. F, they're even friends of the VLA, but rivals with the Da Nang Boys. Whatever, you can download OGLoc's rap song from the "Forgotten Legends of West Coast Rap", one of the many GTA SA Teaser websites owned by R*. [T/F] Big Smoke is the game's main antagonist.
  23. Well, I have a problem with the Member Pages in Firefox, they just don't show the about me or anything! Only the lastest visitors and profile coments. But in IE it works perfectly.
  24. Man, that was pain in ass... A: "Never gonna get it, never gonna get it!" [T/F] You can download an OG Loc's rap from a teaser website.
  25. Sad, ain't it? Let's see if we can do it in 2014... As Brazil's out, now I'll be supporting Germany... Together we can take Argentina out and shut Maradona's big mouth up!
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