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  1. Hello everyone, I'm also new here, but have already posted in some threads (especially in SA Trivia).
  2. I'm not sure if I did five times (But I think I did), but I'm sure I already did it FOUR times in a day
  3. I think it's easier passing the Brown Thunder mission... I got $30,000,000 in 2 hours...
  4. You shouldn't be double posting. You didn't wait even one day If you found it, tell me where's it please
  5. O.o() Whatever, my fav is Millie, because she is the easiest to have "coffee" xD.
  6. 3.0? Did you bought it at Steam or D2D? If you did, it's impossible to mod your game
  7. I can't take two days without doing it (believe me, I already tried...). I usually do two times per day .
  8. My favorite mission was Phom Penh '86. They should make more missions involving shooting from an aircraft...
  9. Erm... Don't use LARGE fonts, please Anyway, it's not possible to mod the Xbox 360 version, just the Xbox version. But, if you're talking about the Xbox version, the tutorial is here.
  10. "Read the Mutha F@#k'n thread before you Mutha F@#k'n Post" Sammy L. Jackson at the post above. A: That depends... The color itself its Light blue, while the color's number (a.k.a. carcols.dat) is 57 or 58, I don't remember well. Q: My question haven't been answered yet, so, it'll stay there. EDIT: Thanks Samil EDIT²: Well, nobody answered yet, so I'll give a hint. HINT: The answer isn't in the game itself (It can be in R*'s website, the teaser sites, trailers, early screenshots, that movie that comes with the soundtrack, later games, etc.)
  11. Well, Vic Vance has really changed from 1984 to 1986, Toni Cipriani from 1998 to 2001, Rosenberg from 1986 to 1992. So Tenpenny can have lost his hair and Pulaski can have got fat between eight years, right?
  12. 1. Unfortunately, the FBI Truck, the Andromada and the RC Cam (a 2-door car with a "flowerpot" design) aren't obtainable without mods or vehicle spawners. 2. The linki between the "Gravity Gun Mod" and the "Green Goo" is that the Gravity Gun uses the Green Goo's model.
  13. Shoot, someone invaded the duel xD! Anyway, it's false, because there aren't MORE than five, there are just five: One Transfender in Los Santos One Transfender in San Fierro One Transfender in Las Venturas The "Loco Low Co." at Los Santos The "Wheel Arch Angels" at San Fierro My time to ask... Let's see if you have any chances of entering the duel xD... Q- How many Kg of drugs does Smoke buys from the Loco Syndicate every month?
  14. False, there aren't any laser beams (but it would be cool if there were...) Anyway... Q:When Cesar calls Carl to tell that Smoke's drugs (about 12.5Kg) are leaving San Fiero, what's the first thing that Carl says? A-Wassup Cesar? Oh, I amost forgot about the yay! B-Eh, Cesar? The yay is leaving San Fierro, right? C-Shit, Cesar, shit! We gotta fuck that crack factory as soon as we can! D-None of the above. This time I even gave you the alternatives!
  15. Well, I never saw an Hydra in the lot, but I saw a Nevada in the SFPD Impound last week A: Carl:"Does the pope shit in the woods?" I still don't understand this phrase's purpose ... Anyway, the "trivia duel" is still going... Q: What ped model comes inside the Police Maverick when you got 3 or more stars?
  16. False, it's a ghost town in the desert. Ok, I won't give MANY details anymore xD T/F: Sometimes a helicopter and even a plane can be found at SFPD Impound.
  17. False, she was killed in a drive-by did by Ballas in a Green Sabre, in order to kill Sweet. LAter Carl discovers that the C.R.A.S.H., Smoke and Ryder were involved in it (vide "The Green Sabre" mission). T/F: The AT-400 is found in all the four airports.
  18. False, the Andromada is unobtainable without cheat devices or mods. And yes, you need to complete the Driving School, but you also need to pass the mission "Yay Ka Boom-boom" or whatever it's called. Q: What's the name of the Donut Shop where you receive the C.R.A.S.H.'s missions at Los Santos?
  19. By reaching 35% or killing her. Q: What do you need to complete in order to buy the Wang Cars and complete Cesar's missions?
  20. A: True. T/F: Sweet's real name is Joseph Johnson?
  21. There's the CLEO Planter, that can spawn from a ped to a Rhino It also can make animations, change the player's skin, and everything. I don't remember the download link, so, Google it.
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