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  1. I think you'll fail. Q: What are all the mobs/gangs that appear in the game?
  2. At the Airports, and sometimes at Fort Carson. @Strike9 I asked without cheating. I've found a Hotknife in the countryside in the Vigilante mission last week, but it vanished from my garage yesterday Q: What's the main difference between the spawned Rancher and the traffic one?
  3. A Infernus. Q: Is there any other way to get a Hotknife apart from earning all Golds or cheating?
  4. False. Q: What are the cars from the second list of the Exports?
  5. A Paperclip. Q: What are all the three divisions of the SF Triads?
  6. Well, this topic should be in the Modding section, but whatever... I don't know anything about modelling nor animating, but about the Cleo, you can try the Mission Coding for Dummies tutorial at GTAF, I've learned how to script with that.
  7. Playing Mafia Wars...

  8. It's an Elegy, seen in the missions "Wu Zi Mu" and "Farewell My Love". Q: Why did not Woozie use his car during the mission "Mountain Cloud Boys"?
  9. @Samil The answer is T, if you start a new game and have a saved one with the girlfriends, you'll probably keep the benefits. You get into a sphere near the ship, and is transported to it by a "misterious fade" lol. Q: What's the internal name of Berkley's RC Van?
  10. A: LS Airport, Palisades, Area 69, Pilgrim, Four Dragons Casino (after you find all the horseshoes). [T/F] Sometimes when you start a new game, you keep some benefits from girlfriends.
  11. A: I think you can do so by stealing houses at Prickle Pine, Richman, and other rich districts across the state. Ok, no more questions about radios. Q: Who is the character who can't stay for much without fapping?
  12. "He can rot in hell for all I give a fuck." Ok, my time to annoy you, Samil > [T/F] The Wild Traveler's host (dun remember the name now) can't go to Thailand.
  13. Post Number 100 B)!!! Now I'm a full member !!! A: Luigi Mario. Q: Why have Couzin been replaced by Lazlow as the V-Rock's DJ/Host?
  14. Lloyd? i think it would be stupid , so it's F. Q: Why did Lazlow become the host of the Entertaing America show?
  15. False. Q: Why did Christy leave the Lonely Hearts studio during the show, causing Fernando to replace her?
  16. Well, according to Cris Formage, the Earth is 157 years old -FACT-, because "it's age does not change". A: "I'm blind, Carl, not stupid." You should listen more to WCTR xD; Complete: "J_z_, _e__m_e_ _e?" "I _o_d y__, _e_ve m_ _l_n_!" HINT: Lonely Hearts
  17. "Tommy? Who the fuck is Tommy?" And yeah, it is from Vice City, but Lazlow says that phrase in his interview with Cris Formage. And now a math question: Q: If, according to Cris Formage, in '92 the year was 157 years old -FACT-, how old is it today (2010)?
  18. Samil, by some reason I can't find the fuckin edit button, so I'll give the hint here: "Exploder: Evacuator Part II"

    1. Blur


      Ahhh that brings back great memories. xD btw answered.

  19. Erm.... What? Well, if you're trying to say that you've screwed your IMG files so there's only one thing you can do: reinstall.
  20. MK: F, he would be CJ's voice (according to the fans, there's no evidence of that). Rockstaridols: 23. Complete the sentence: I'__ _r_ _h_n _'_ n__ k____ng! HINT: Jack Howitzer, Lazlow Sorry Samil, couldn't resist... :blush::blush:
  21. Well, Miles Pedro Prower ain't a very common username, so I could only find my thousands and thousands of accounts through the web.
  22. According to Frankie Corvino Salvatore Leone, CJ is. Q: What does happen if you owe money to any of the casinos? (Tell ALL the things)
  23. Nep, he ain't killed in the last mission, he A: Cop Car, Cop Bike, Hunter, Rhino, Patriot, Hydra, Predator, etc. Q: What characters from San Andreas appeared in later games?
  24. Phoenix, Hotknife, Sultan, Elegy, Cop Car (and bike), Infernus, Stratum, Bullet, Alpha, Euros, etc. And you're wrong btw, only mission peds (characters such as Sweet, Woozie, Cesar, T-Bone, Tenpenny,etc) are special actors, all the other peds can be loaded with the Model.Load feature. [T/F] Frank Tenpenny is the only main antagonist in the series who isn't killed by the player.
  25. Wrong, nothing happens in that mission if you've cheated 200 times, only if you cheated 500 xD. Ask a question next time o.O() [T/F} Some common peds are "special actors" (can't be loaded by using the Model.Load feature, but you must use an special opcode).
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