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    GTA 5 Wishlist

    I thought GTA IV was great and all, but it lacked the all out fun that Vice City and San Andreas had. I would love to see all the features of SA back (lots of side missions, vehicles, weapons rampages, car customisation, airplanes etc), and even some of the more ridiculous ones such as jetpacks and the like. I think that by going ultra realistic they lost a lot of the incentive to play on after you finish the story; or at least that's what i have found. I would really love there to be large expanses of wilderness and farming areas again, as these open up all kinds of other game options (offroad racing, biking, hunting etc). Having two cities at least would be great and give R* a reason to put planes back in. Pretty much all that has been said previously (especially by the previous poster) i agree with. The main message is make it more fun, even if it decreases the realism of the game. Actually a good way of avoiding the clash between people wanting an ultra realistic game and those who want just a fun game would be to hold off on introducing stupid things (eg jetpacks, lightsabers, UFOs as some have suggested) until the main story line is finished. Just my 2 cents
  2. I have a feeling it's actually an advertisment for the car model 'Turismo', like from San Andreas, it looks very similar... and sweet So if thats the case, we have our first confirmed car (named).
  3. The resemblance is striking, but it doesn't mean its a licensed car. Rockstar might just be making carbon copies of car models and calling them something else... i noticed the car driving down the street at sunset looked a lot like an older BMW...like the sentinal? did.
  4. Black Sabbath - Megalomania Guns N' Roses - Better (A NEW GNR track... has anyone heard any of the leaked demos..they rule )
  5. I thought there was always like a scientific theory and a different theory un scientific though. Like religious or something. Yep, evolutionary theory is pretty much universally accepted by scientists today. The different theory is 'creationism' which holds that the world was created as is described in genesis in the bible - you know...everything suddenly appeared out of nowhere about 6000 years ago . This was what was commonly believed before Darwin. There are still some conservatives, especially in the US who like to push the idea for some reason, despite 150 years worth of evidence to the contrary. The fact we have observed evolution with our own eyes kinda says something as to the accuracy of evolutionary theory. Not to mention there are hundreds of creation stories from many cultures... which one of them is supposed to the RIGHT one?
  6. You had better be kidding with that statement Turtles evolved before the dinosaurs and are distantly related. Frogs evolved after the first dinosaurs in the Jurassic AND are amphibians...see the difference? But yes they do exist in the form of birds today
  7. Actually quite a range of therapod dinosaurs seem to have had feathers, including relatives of tyrannosaurs. Also you will find the extinction of dinosaurs was more complicated than 'an asteroid killed em all'. The fossil record shows the number of dinosaur species decreased dramatically before their diappearance. This drop in biodiversity can cause instability in ecosystems and cause extinctions. And there was the supervolcano that left the Deccan Traps in india... shitloads of lava basically. The asteroid probably was the nail in the coffin. Oh and i know this because im doing an evolutionary biology course at uni
  8. Nice to meet another Adelaidean around here Yeah the rain on Friday was nice...more coming from wednesday onward apparently
  9. Dude, if they have Axl Rose back voicing Tommy "Nightmare" Smith on a classic rock station, i will be happy. A bit of... AC/DC Led Zep Pink Floyd Black Sabbath Stones Van Halen INXS Aerosmith Eagles and... GN'fn'R It would be so funny if it was set in modern day and Axl introduced a Velvet Revolver song and started ranting about how crap it was... classic
  10. They should have different guns in different ammunations and there should be a HUGE variety of them. Think of all the war games, both historical (WW2, vietnam) and modern (ghost recon etc) and thier huge range of guns and imagine them in a GTA game. Also, possibly an ability to mod the weapons ie add scope, increase magazine size, add laser poiter etc. as for melee weapons, well, they should make heaps of em.. like;: axes, swords (like medieval and crazy chinese ones) nunchucks and other crazy weapons as well as more mundane itams like pitchforks etc
  11. Yes, i fully agree on more cars, mods, new vehicle types (snowmobile, jetski etc), but what I REALLY want is a decent garage to store these in. I mean, whats the point of collecting every decent car in the game, modding it, only to find there is no where to store your lovely collection. Personally, I think that you should be able to buy a BIG hotel and like in San Andreas, it should have a HUGE multistory carpark, allowing you to store hundreds of cars in it. Also a shed on the water for storing boats, and a bigger hanger than SA for storing aircraft. Also, how about boat and aircraft mods... like being able to boost thier power and customizing color n' stuff on them.
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