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  1. Frank

    Check this out?

    Its not very good quality, the shapes are rough and it all seems to be a jumble of a bit of everything. Its too random.
  2. Frank

    Battlefield 1942

    Battlefield vietnam just came out, get with the times man I really liked BF1942, but jungle warfair with mortars, ak-47's helicopters and jets is so much more appealing. Im not sure if there is a demo out, but its well worth the price.
  3. Frank

    List down your computer spects

    So you're saying: You have a 17" monitor, it must suck. He never mentioned which monitor. People like you make me sick. No you dumb gently caress, im saying he was bragging with all his other great specs then throws in a small monitor and crap graphic card, im guessing he is lying about his setup.. as i think i made pretty clear. Hell, i dont waste my time with shit such as yourself when im trying to scrape it from the bottom of my shoe. Good day.
  4. Frank

    Shop Hack

    http://andyhost.no-ip.com/zarathshop120.zip thats a some what simular phpbb alternative i think.
  5. Frank

    I need help

    Yeh, anything ibp will be found at ibplanet
  6. Frank


    http://www.cafeshops.com you can register for your own free "shop" its just a crappy scam, they take a certain % of any profit you make (the products are overpriced in the first place) An owner can upload their designs which will be printed onto the products, its kinda like those t-shirt printing kit things you can buy but they all do it for you.
  7. Frank

    I need help

    You didnt really explain at all in your first post. If right-clicking and going on Properties/CHMOD doesnt work try either WS_FTP http://www.ipswitch.com/Products/WS_FTP/ or Bulletproof FTP http://www.bpftp.com/
  8. Frank

    Okay, this might seem a bit stupid, but...

    Yeah, it sounds like your computer is on the Default US language, just do what nick said and it should sort everything out for you.
  9. Frank

    List down your computer spects

    Crap monitor backed up by one of the worst video cards available at the moment. I would expect something a bit stronger than that for the rest of the specs.
  10. Frank

    I need help

    You will probably have to right click on the folder and look for an option called "Permissions" or just "CHMOD" there is a guide what to CHMOD your files to in the invision read me aswell.
  11. Frank

    List down your computer spects

    Shexy Antec Server case AMD Athlon XP 2400+ @ 2100MHZ 512mb drr 400 ram 120 Gb hdd with windows Xp home 80Gb hdd with music, downloads and windows server 2003 ati radeon 9000 128mb graphics card Dfi lanparty motherboard etc..
  12. Frank


    Erm, can you give an example? Your really not giving much away.
  13. Frank

    How many Mp3's do you have?

    Apparently i have 1940, taking up just over 2GB of space.