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  1. sig: 9/10 avatar: 9/10 pers: seems cool and is a mod
  2. Brian (Paul Walker) let him go because he had to leave town because the police had to move on him because of the trucks. Anyways, i thought this one might not be that good, but it turned out great! I liked it because it was all racing and in the nightime, unlike 2fast 2furious that there is like one big racing scene in the beginning, this one is loaded and better than the first i think....its more "underground" as you can say
  3. welcome, this is a decent forum!
  4. very good! It shows this 17 year old i think thats very good at driving back at home then he got in trouble by racing this guy at school. Goes to japan and learns drifting and gets in some trouble on the way. Vin Deisel appears at the end also.
  5. well i'm going to see this movie in around 30 minutes. I'll tell how it is
  6. I still want to play it sometimes but mine is always being borrowed and when I get to play it....i expect more things like mod shops and more stuff in san andreas on that game
  7. Yea, its not that much of a difference from 10.....but still an upgrade
  8. I have it for PS2 right now...somewhere and soon will be on my PC
  9. I'm sure you can because when you redue or just got Windows XP it alows you to do a File Transfer Setting to your old computer to your new one. You need a LAN cable connected to both of them to transfer for that setting i know
  10. A very cool upgrade i think. It comes in black now and has more music choices and others. Also includes URGE More Information: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsme...11/default.aspx Download WMP 11: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsme...d/download.aspx
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