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  1. Is there a way i could switch on and off the headlights in the game.
  2. this only works for models and textures, the handling data in vc has a extra value without which the car will go mad if you dont add it!!
  3. yeah. but i think it is hard coded.
  4. Can someone please convert the bulldozer from gta san andreas to vice city?
  5. Where are the cheat codes kept for all the gta games? Because i want to edit them.
  6. okay thanks alot that helped alot and i have never heard of that website before.
  7. hi i am new here and i have never been the type to make mods because its hard, so can someone make a car mod from the the fast and the furious. the car i want is the car that brian is driving in the 2fast 2 furious at the start of the film. ( I think its a silver skyline)
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