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  1. thats actually cool, but I would like to see a countdown wallpaper with the box art of GTA IV on it, and the countdown under it.
  2. thats cool Brotha, you deserve it, after all the projects you've done
  3. ye it does game has got the fake GTA IV boxes on the shelves and i took a pi with my fone of them and its got the 18 rating on it but its got 'BBFC' in black over the rating logo.
  4. I actually can't wait for this game now lol. Hopefully April will come soon lol, just over 2 months
  5. I always use Ulead Video Editor Plus, I always edit GTA IV trailers using it, if you want click my sig, and there will be a video on my site, and thats what i created using it, but there are other alternatives. Plus if im breaking rules here edit or delete this.
  6. The 70's, and yeah and it has absolutely nothing to do with the games, obviously, as it's so old. Plus it's a crime comedy. Why on earth do you own it on DVD when it's so bad? lol, i only watched it once, and its at the bottom of my DVD pile lol
  7. maybe you guys don't know this, but there is a Grand Theft Auto movie on dvd but it was made in the 80's i think coz i have it on DVD, but its sh*t, but too bad they cancelled a plan to do a GTA movie
  8. well... maybe you should have a hand on what you put on your PC and control yourself... of course if you fill your PC with crap and mother loads of games it will slow down... I have: Processor: Intel® Core2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40Ghz 2.39GHz ( OverClocked for: 5.60Ghz ) Memory (RAM): 4047 System: Windows Vista Ultimate 32bits Graphic Card: ATI RADEON SAPHIRE HD 2900PRO ( OverClocked ) Disk Space: (C:) 102gb (only use windows files in that drive)(the more none windows files you put in system disk, the slower your PC gets) (D:) 400gb ( use it for games, movies, music, other files.... ) To keep your PC running good, you should take care of it like your son! Cheers! ( Hope i was specified enough ) I've only got 1 game installed on my computer and thats SA, plus the others isn't mmuch only like Photoshop and Dreamweaver and Video Editing Software, but my virtual memory isn't that good anymore lol, but I prefer plaqyin the 360 Plus I don't have a son im only 17 lol
  9. I voted no, because no direspect to games on the PC, its just because ive gone off games, and my PC has slowed way down too much mayb thats why ive gone off em
  10. I just typed in Cluckin Bell into google because i was bored and found that lol but nothing on burgershot and I just found out its done by Rockstar Games http://www.rockstargames.com/cluckinbell/ lol
  11. Tonight I have found a site, which I haven't come across before about Cluckin' Bell that was used in San Andreas and going to be used in GTA IV: http://www.cluckinbellhappychicken.com/ Maybe this has been seen before but first time ive seen it lol.
  12. Most probs they're saying its uncensored for Australia for now, because its been rated, and once the US and Europe has been done, and then they will be uncensored
  13. The Australian version of Grand Theft Auto IV will be uncensored. Here is a statement from Rockstar Games: "No GTA has been censored since Vice City. Grand Theft Auto IV has been rated in its entirety. The rating is on the OFLC website." The rating given was MA15+ for strong violence, strong coarse language, and drug and sexual references. Source: Planet GTA
  14. Aw ye sorry I didn't notice that because its called 'Hazor News' which is sh*t for a screenshot post lol.
  15. The Assoicated Press has released a new screen of Grand Theft Auto IV. The screen features Niko getting chased while driving in a cop car.
  16. this is actually good, but the found doesn't suit it, maybe you should try using the actuall GTA font (Price Down Font)
  17. LCS and VCS weren't major GTA titles, and they were only meant to increase the the selling of the PSP console, that's why they didn't make it to the PC, they were ported to PS2 later just for more money ... I doubt R* said that GTA SA is their PC game. It is true that SA was their last PC game. So you do agree with me that SA was the last GTA port to go onto the PC?
  18. Well LCS and VCS didn't go onto the PC, and I was a fan of GTA for the PC, but not anymore, i like to play them on the XBOX 360 now. Plus in 2004 or 2005 I read somewhere on the web that SA would be the last GTA game on the PC, but I cannot find it has of yet. So sorry if i am wrong.
  19. There won't be a version for the PC, and theres a few topics like this on the forums already Here This should be closed!
  20. Trade's biggest names expect Rockstar title to set 'sales benchmark' The retail community is buzzing in anticipation of Grand Theft Auto IV’s release, following Rockstar’s confirmation of an April 29th release date – with many key figures from the trade voicing confidence in the title’s record-smashing ability. “As with previous GTA releases, GTA IV will be the benchmark for all future releases with regards to volume of sales. The question is what will sell more: PS3 or Xbox 360?” said Jonathan Edwards, games buying manager at Tesco. Tricia Brennan, buying director at GAME added: “There is huge consumer anticipation for GTA IV. This truly is the launch event of 2008. Customers cannot wait to be able to play the game.” And despite the title’s post-Easter release, the trade believes the quieter period will actually serve its prospects well. René Wright, senior category manager for console and games at DSG International said: “GTA has a lot of pressure on its shoulders, but I think in terms of next-gen titles it will absolutely smash records. Source: MCV PS: If I could post these on the homepage I would but can't
  21. dunno, but im gonna try and optimise the photo with the addresses on the envelope to see where they were sent to and sent from.
  22. ye i want 1 of those packages, but how did PlanetGTA get one lol.
  23. Heres what I found lying around on PlanetGTA.com: Today I am proud to bring everyone this exclusive screenshot for Grand Theft Auto IV courtesy of Rockstar Games: Also, I received the following package: Included were a tw@ Internet Cafe mousepad, a small Liberty City pin and the three wanted posters, now in 11x17 size and ready to print: Source: PlanetGTA
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