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  1. I can't believe i missed the previews at 5:30 and only now i remebered!!! Anyways im here and know now
  2. ye that i believe because in trailer 2 'Looking for someone Special' theres a logo with Johnsons on it, when Niko walks with his face towards u when the background changes! lol i know this doesnt make sense.
  3. no that was not Ken Rosenburg, but there was some xnews before that R* had put Jack Thompson in the game it might be him lol but i doubt it very much! But that was defo not Ken Rosenburg
  4. Ye but time zones are so confusing for me lol. But i wonder if there could actually be a release date coming out with the new previews. It makes you wonder doesn't it lol
  5. im excited aswell, but just to clarify what time will it be in British Time
  6. i actually cant remeber is was months ago but Charger might know
  7. LG viwety i have but the pic is a bit poor from the fone coz its still got the platic sheet on the lens
  8. Here the Xbox 360 Version from the argos catalogue that i picked up yesterday and the pic was taken from my fone just now
  9. I will get the game on its release date, and get a day off college just to play the game lol But if it is on the date i first posted that will be a bonus!
  10. just to correct you its Take 2 thats taking Thompson to court and CVG had it but they have removed it! And I do think that Take 2 Games will win against Jack Thompson
  11. In the past, retailers have had the tendency to slip-up with their advertisements regarding games that have not been give a set release date. Sears, Target, GameStop, and Circuit City are the largest culprits when trying to get gamers to shop at their stores, but this time it is not the usual suspects. Recently, Micro Center listed GTA IV in one of their sales circulars with a release date of March 08. The ad states that “New release availability dates are subject to change”, which means they either have no clue or are just covering their asses. Whatever the case may be, Rockstar was contacted by Game Daily (who broke the news), and a Rockstar rep stated that Grand Theft Auto IV “is going to come out during our second financial quarter of 08.” So, as usual, take this for what it is worth - speculation. With Super Smash Bros. Brawl hitting stores on March 9th, if GTA IV were to drift into stores around the same time, this could turn into nothing short of a feeding frenzy. Thanks for the heads up: Game Daily Source: FileFront
  12. An 18+ rating from the ESRB means Adults Only, meaning people can't buy it. Sony doesn't allow AO games on the PS3 and I'm guessing neither does Microsoft. Of course, GTA IV will receive a Mature (17+) rating from the ESRB. I'm still gonna get it, and I don't think the clerks at my local Walmart give two shits if a 16 year old is buying an M-rated game. Actually I thought ESRB was for the UK but its the BBFC, so I don't know what the ESRB is for lol! But in the UK and Europe it will be 18+ just like all the other GTA's.
  13. Im getting it from Game - http://www.game.co.uk/Xbox360/Action/Shoot...pecial-Edition/ Anyways I don't mind paying that much since I love GTA so much! Plus it will be valuble to get the Special Edition one.
  14. i turn 18 on march 1st and I already have the money to buy already £69.99 But I can get it legaly also
  15. I think he means he hopes it will come on the on the 3rd of March, but it won't it will be released somewhere around April! Retailers are just guessing, plus don't link your Youtube videos to a topic without explaining your self more. I think this topic can be locked now!
  16. I expected a 18+ rating from PEGI, and I am expecting a 18+ from ESRB and BBFC too. But I can honestly say I don't think GTA IV will have any trouble being released like ManHunt did. And XBOX 360 UK site has got the 18+ on the GTA IV page now aswell. http://www.xbox.com/en-GB/games/g/grandtheftautoiv/
  17. it was alright but the music wasn't quite the match for that type of game, so it gets 4/10
  18. I remember the San Andreas game previews on after 11pm here in the uk, and the same with lcs and vcs. Channels: SA - Men and Motors + ITV LCS - Men and Motors + ITV VCS - ITV + ITV 2 After 11PM
  19. well if there will be a PC version maybe Rockstar Games will make it more harder to mod, because I havent intsalled mods for my SA (yes I am a ex GTA PC Gamer ) that much, maybe just 4-5. But I have heard from a mate that GTA SA is more harder to mod than Vice City, I don't know if this is true but maybe IV will be way harder to mod.
  20. I don't think GTA IV will come to the PC since LCS and VCS haven't plus I don't need a PC version, since I have a 360!
  21. Well, I don't believe it, maybe on 49% but on the linked page, i translated it into English using google. And it said this on it: But I don't think Rockstar Games has said its the final Grand Theft Auto! Have they? Or have I just confused myself
  22. I think the new wanted system could include the cops coming towards you and handcuff you like in need for speed carbon
  23. When GTA IV was delayed in 2007, the UK top game retailers 'Game' changed the release date of GTA IV from 19th October 2007 to TBD 2008, but tonight I went on the Game website typed in GTA IV and its got a release date for GTA IV. If you don't believe me look for your self. GTA IV Release Date via 'Game' And I know with 'Game' they only put up real comfirmed dates for the games and not fake ones. If this has already been posted im sorry. Mark
  24. Take-Two has announced in a conference call that it intends to release more exclusive Grand Theft Auto IV episodes for the XBOX 360 in 2009, GamesIndustry.biz reports. (We might do some work of our own later. Who knows?)The company revealed earlier this year that it would be supplying two extra episodes for Microsoft's home console in 2008, but this is the first time it has spoken of extra content beyond the initial deal with Microsoft. "In fiscal 2009 we'll also be offering additional episodic content for Grand Theft Auto IV on Xbox 360," confirmed Ben Feder, CEO of Take-Two. The publisher also reiterated the full game will be released next year, with two exclusive episodes due before the end of 2008. "We're eagerly anticipating the release of Grand Theft Auto IV in our second quarter. The game looks terrific and we're confident it will be every bit as ground-breaking as previous titles," added Feder.
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