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  1. no you are correct, the www.libertycitypolice.com is a site that R* have used on one of the ads, which you can see here and twatcafe i have heard somewhere in one GTA IV news before. and both sites are been hosted on the same hsoting company. But very good find there.
  2. Im bloody shocked with that screenshot, its very realistic, and if you look carefully at Niko's face expression you can tell he's trying to shoot someone thats making him angry lol
  3. this is a very good feature i can't wait now untill the release plus in the mission mentioned above im going to storm the place with all guns blazing lol
  4. ye its him i think, it kinda looks like him lol
  5. Iv'e been able to buy GTA games without my parents buying it for me lol anyways im 18 in march so i can get this on my own, and a couple of mates of mine wants me to go and buy it for them lol
  6. Now I see it, but that doesn't look like a arrow it actually could be a part of the door
  7. Well from my screenshot the game and where is fairly obvious! Its in San Andreas near Denise's house and CJs
  8. This is actually old news the GTA Settlement site has been up for months with Take 2 and Rockstar Games. I remember seeing this back in October!
  9. i can't see the red arrow in the pic of the first pos?
  10. I had a very wierd glitch after winning the gang war against the vagos. After I won, I heard a loud noise and then a jet just crashed in front of me which i thought was odd plus I didn't have any wanted level
  11. so did you people know what the engines capapilities were before you saw this these videos?
  12. Ok, if some of you don't exactly know what the difference in GTA IV will be using the euphoria engine then now you will. Heres a demo of the the engine theres no sound but you will see how much it looks realistic: and another Enjoy!
  13. Vice City is by far the best city in the whole of GTA, but in april after playing GTA IV, my answer would defo be Liberty City (GTA IV)
  14. Heres another, hes arguing with Tony Romando on NBC about SA: And good on Tony for standing up against him
  15. ye, if I hear about JT wanting to ban another GTA game, I will actually create my own video, and show every game that JT has tried to ban like, GTA III, VC, SA, Sims 2, and other!
  16. Here is what I found on Youtube about Jack Thompson VS Grand Theft Auto http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qahOSVgP-zI Enjoy
  17. Yet more Grand Theft Auto IV news today, only this time it’s not associated with tantalising advance media or rumoured downloadable content – but rather with the reception the latest edition of Rockstar’s contentious gaming series will receive in a legal sense when it arrives on April 29. And, when we say ‘legal sense,’ we of course mean Miami-based lawyer and long-time videogame activist Jack Thompson who, it would appear, is preparing for yet another assault against the critically acclaimed sandbox franchise. According to Game Politics, Thompson issued a notice at the tail end of last week outlining that "unspecified legal and political mayhem" awaits publisher Take-Two Interactive when Niko’s criminal adventures in Liberty City finally hit retailers across the globe. While noting that Take-Two has enjoyed a 12 percent share boost on the back of GTA IV’s confirmed retail release date, Thompson warns that the market should also factor in "the downside risk coming Take-Two’s way with the sale of this "Mature" game to kids, which is a murder simulator for violence against women, cops, and innocent bystanders…" In a move to continue his mission to prevent retailers – specifically those in the United States – from selling Grand Theft Auto IV to consumers below the age of seventeen (the ‘M for Mature’ threshold), Thompson says he will be "contacting state and federal officials" to prevent the improper sale of Grand Theft Auto IV by retailers as any such sales "violate state and federal fraudulent and deceptive trade practices statutes." It’s interesting to note that Thompson’s latest drive against the Grand Theft Auto series focuses solely on the one mandate he always stands firmly behind while shooting in a variety of different directions – underage sales of videogame content clearly labelled for a mature audience. No screaming from the rooftops for Rockstar or Take-Two’s blood on this occasion, just a call for retailers to be held accountable for sales of violent videogames to children below the age of 17. While Thompson’s recent Florida Bar trial (where he faces several charges of misconduct) has perhaps kept the controversial lawyer’s often venomous attentions elsewhere, underage sales is the one area of his relentless videogame campaigning where M&C Gaming thoroughly agrees with his standpoint. Specifically, the ratings system utilised in the UK by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) holds retailers legally responsible for the sale of media to children below the ages of ‘15,’ and ‘18’. This applies to all forms of media, be it videogames, music, or DVDs. However, the US ratings system provided by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB) and printed on the packaging of videogames remains but a guideline for retailers, who, while tasked with asking for ID from consumers, are not held legally responsible for any underage sales – something Thompson has always sought to change. Source: Monster & Critics
  18. I have created this video for my website GTAYard using GTA IV, and just wanted some comments about it, but this isnt the final its a beta video lol Click Here to View the Video But if this is in the wrong section, this can be moved to the proper section. Thank You
  19. i think he means on XBOX Marketplace, but a demo won't come out, since nothing of Rockstar Games has come out on demo not even, Table Tennis. But a demo for GTA IV would actually spoil the game too much
  20. Im like no gonna go to school lol... But it sucks that u cant customize ur player... No body building and working out or eating <--- Rockstar WTF!?! You can eat, but you can't get fat if you eat too much. Heres a quote from a MTV headline: The Full Story From MTV
  21. OMG u thik or sumthin, this is just a mokeup that Brotha has created. Its not the official 1 Brotha is the best person to create videos and maps for GTA hell he shuld work for R* lol. But Brotha that is a hell of a good map! Keep up the good work!
  22. I thought that R* was using their own engine 'RAGE' but that sounds sick and I was hoping that was going to happen in the game
  23. Well i actually knew that the PS3 was to blame for the delay because when the delay was announced, R* and Take2Games actually said it was because they had trouble with the PS3 version!
  24. I can't wait now!!! I know for a fact I will be waiting outside Game for the Special Edition all night to make sure I get it!
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